$0.99 .NGO domains for non-governmental organizations

0.99 .NGO domains for non-governmental organizations
Do you own or work for a non-governmental organization? If you do, now’s the time to secure a high-quality domain name for your website—because for a limited time, you can register a .NGO domain for an incredible price.

Use the promo code DOGOOD between now and Nov. 30 to register .NGO domains for $0.99. However, please note that there’s a cap of 100 registrations, so the promo code will only be valid while supplies last. This code does not apply to renewals or registration of Premium Domains.


What is .NGO?

.NGO is a domain that was created exclusively for non-governmental organizations. Public Interest Registry (PIR), the registry behind the .ORG extension, created this domain ending to bring together organizations from around the world that are working to promote change for the good.

.NGO is also a unique domain because your registration is automatically bundled with the matching .ONG domain, at no additional cost to you. This allows registrants to also appeal to a Romance language-speaking audience who are more familiar with the acronym “ONG.”

.NGO domains are regularly prices at $39.99, so this sale is a huge opportunity to save a ton of cash while securing a valuable domain.

Who can get a .NGO domain?

.NGO domains are only available to qualifying non-governmental organizations that meet all of PIR’s eligibility requirements. By verifying the identity and legitimacy of all applicants, the registry can ensure that .NGO remains a trusted extension and builds a community for organizations promoting noble causes.

Please read over the requirements for this domain to make sure your organization is eligible for this domain before you make your purchase.

Want one of the best .NGO domains available?

The most sought after .NGO domains are available as Premium Domains and can be registered by serious buyers who want to use a short, keyword rich domain extension for their website. Premium Domains come at a higher price than standard, but in return you get a higher-quality domain that is more memorable for users. .NGO is still a fairly new extension, and this domain space could fill up quickly—so registering a Premium Domain now can be a great way to secure a valuable asset.

You can browse the list of available .NGO Premium Domains in this downloadable file. If you have any questions or would like to make a purchase, feel free to reach out to [email protected]


Via: Name.com

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