10 creative uses of the new domain extensions

10 creative uses of the new domain extensions

Are you worried that there’s too much competition for .com extensions and thus hindering you from finding a perfect domain name that suits your brand? Well, you just need to be a little flexible about your options for domain extensions you can use. As such, it is advisable that you consider using alternate extensions that will help you come up with a unique domain that your visitors won’t forget easily.

Fortunately, many companies registered as GoDaddy, NameCheap, Domain.com, NameSilo … offers you a provision to register various types of domain extensions such as .ninja, .college, .fyi, and .tech among other top level domains (TLDs). If you can find a catchy TLD and combine it with your brand, then it becomes easier to create an exceptional experience for your users.

For this reason, we’ll show you how you can use some of these new TLDs creatively to create a unique brand for your business. As such, we’ll share with you 10 examples of businesses that have used this strategy to find more success online. This way, we hope you’ll get inspired to look for more creative ideas for your own website.


Freedom of the Press Foundation which is an organization directed by a famed whistleblower, Edward Snowden, uses a short descriptive domain freedom.press for its website. In this case, the .press domain extension helps to make the domain memorable while also facilitating the use of fewer characters than it would have been the case with .com extension.


While eBay has the eBay.com domain for its main website, the giant online retailer devised a clever domain for use by the local New York City by coming up with the eBay.nyc. With this unique domain name, eBay easily promotes its New York events thereby making the whole process more efficient and thus more yielding.


A while back, Google formed a holding company which it named Alphabet. However, what was caught the eye of the new company was its unique domain  abc.xyz. Can you spot what’s so exciting about it?


Artik is a cloud service launched by Samsung a while ago. For its domain, Samsung opted for something that users could quite quickly understand its services and thus went for a .cloud extension.


If you’re a pop music fan, then you possibly know more about Demi Lovato. The singing sensation opted for a .club extension for her fan club website which helps her create a unique brand that fans can easily recall.


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the most popular technology show which attracts in excess of 10,000 people to Las Vegas every January. The company has recently dropped its CESWEB.org domain and migrated to a more appealing CES.tech which is easier to differentiate its brand from other similar acronyms online.


Divergent Series is a hugely popular website where users can access clips and movie previews. The company has grossed over $500 million.


Just as the name implies, this website is owned by one of the most popular auctions that offer users tickets to use in various whisky auctions.


Apple has a news app whose domain name is Apple.news. The domain is concise and communicates clearly the purpose of the app.


If you’re a fan of movies, then you possibly know about actor Paul Copley who played an integral role in the hit series Downton Abbey. If you wish to learn more about his career and achievements, then you may want to visit his website PaulCopley.actor which from the onset tells you much about what he does.


It is our hope that the ten examples we’ve outlined for you in this post will help you rethink your stand to stick with the .com extension for your website. You can achieve much more success with other domain extensions just the ten brands above have realized.

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