10 Ways To Protect Your Business From Unreliable Web Host Providers

10 Ways To Protect Your Business From Unreliable Web Host ProvidersYou’ve probably heard it numerous times before but the fact remains that a hosting provider can make or break your business and SEO. As such, it’s imperative that you formulate strategies that will serve as your defense and thus protect you when your hosting provider falters.

This post is dedicated to showing you ten tips that will help you take more control over your online business in the event of a failure by your web hosting provider.

1. Go For Providers That Offer Extended Trial Periods

In a majority of cases, web hosting providers offer one-month trials or something close. However, you might want to choose companies that offer more than the average trial period as this might indicate some confidence in their services. And with a money-back guarantee, you can cancel the service anytime during this period if you feel dissatisfied with what you’re getting.

2. Use Separate Services For Your Hosting and Domain Name Registration

With most web hosting companies offering a free domain name upon purchasing their hosting service, it is easy to get tempted to pick the offer. However, it would be more prudent for you to spend a few more dollars to purchase your domain from another registrar such as GoDaddy. This should help you diversify your risks in case the web hosting firm crumbles or suffers an extended downtime.

3. Steer Clear of Blacklisted IP Addresses

Ensure that you’ve confirmed that your host provider has a safe IP and not one that has been blacklisted. This will help you avoid issues with other service providers as this might negatively affect your business. Always inquire about the host’s IP address and subsequently check it with online tools such as Spam Haus Lookup tool.

4. Choose the Most Suitable Payment Method for Your Business

Having the right payment method will help protect you from unscrupulous dealings often advanced by unprofessional companies such as charging your debit/credit card even after you’ve unsubscribed from their services. As such, you can choose from PayPal, Debit Card, or a Credit Card. Each of them has its pros and cons, and so it’s important that you evaluate each before settling for the most suitable for your business.

5. Always Compare Prices and Features Offered by Various Host Providers

What you should always be striving to get when running an online venture is to get the best deal among the options available. This too applies for web host providers whereby you need to weigh in a few factors such as the features it offers versus its price tag. Avoid the “too good to be true” deals as most of them turn out to be shambolic in the end. Besides, avoid companies that price their services so highly without giving a convincing reason for the same.

6. Back Up Your Site Regularly

Let’s face it, nothing worries a webmaster than having their website go down. It’s even worse if you’ve lost some irredeemable files due to a lack of proper backup system. To avoid such cases, ensure that your site is backed up regularly as this might come to your rescue when a tragedy hits. So, whether you are working with a web host company that offers you a guarantee to the same or not, there’s no excuse as to why you should not observe this rather simple routine.

7. Keep Track of Your Host’s Uptime

Having firsthand information regarding your host’s uptime statistics will help you determine how reliable their service can be. Of course you do not expect to have a 100% uptime especially considering that regular upgrades and maintenance services are inevitable and this might result in downtimes. However, a worthy web host company should keep this at the minimum. You can use several online tools such as Uptime Robot or Pingdom to easily track the same.

8. Use Strong Passwords That Are Not Easy to Predict

With hacker activities and cybercrimes on the rise, there is an urgent need to have all your passwords strong while also changing them regularly to minimize cases of tracking. For example, consider how risky it can be in a situation involving a disgruntled employee leaving a web host company taking with them several passwords. If you are not lucky in such a case, you might end up losing your website to the hacker or anyone else who gets access to such sensitive details. To avoid this, try changing your passwords regularly while also using a combination of numerical numbers, letters, symbols, and special characters for your passwords. Besides, get the services of a reputable antivirus which should protect you from privacy breach attempts by hackers looking to steal your passwords.

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9. Be Open-minded

Sometimes we humans tend to stick to our first options in life which hinders us from looking for other better opportunities later on. This also applies to the case of web hosting companies’ selection. Well, you could have chosen a company because you thought it was the best at the time. So, if you think another better one has entered the market or the current one has began failing you, why not jump the ship and look for better services elsewhere? That’s now being open-minded and leaving your options open.

You probably now asking yourself whether the process of changing hosts is complicated. It doesn’t have to be. Besides, if done correctly, it shouldn’t affect your Google rankings. You could also benefit from a better deal from your new host as a new customer.

10. Be Sure of What You’re Looking For In a Web Host Company

Understanding your hosting needs will help you make more rational decisions and subsequently better choices. Don’t just concentrate on the short-term goals, look into the future and determine whether the company at hand promises anything for when your business expands. For example, you probably only wants a shared hosting package now but eyeing a VPS hosting package in future. With this, you will need to choose a company that offers the both packages for easier transition in future.


Always keep in mind that your choice of web host company will greatly impact on how your online business fairs. As such, it dictates how fast your site loads, the amount of time it spends while down, etc. All these are factors that contributes to your ranking on SERPs as well as visitor experience. It is therefore vital that you get the best web host company for your business from the onset.

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