3 Ways To Generate Ideas For A Great Domain Or Company Name

A Great Name, The Best A Business Can Get: 3 Ways To Generate Ideas For A Great Domain Or Company Name

A Great Name, The Best A Business Can Get 3 Ways To Generate Ideas For A Great Domain Or Company Name
A name is the core aspect of a brand. It is the first impression in regards to any encounter. It matters whether one gets too close a business deal substantially by the first impression only. It, therefore, matters in a very great scope the name one chooses for their company, business or even a website domain name.

The name needs to be ‘catchy‘ to stir the curiosity of the targeted audience. They will want to get to understand what that specific name entails to, and in the process want to learn more about the services or products offered by the same. As such, one has already acquired audience with their targeted clientele.

The other crucial aspect of a name is; it should be easy to read. Since it is the basis of a brand, the easier it is to read, the easier it will be to remember when doing referrals. (referrals offer a business the ‘easy to sell to‘ customers since they have almost fully convinced to a substantial degree by the persons who referred them, usually their trusted friends.) We will, therefore, discuss forthwith, the ways one can use to generate ideas for a great domain name or company name.


It would be the most obvious or essential way of generating ideas for business or domain name. It is evident in the sense that one would call the business from what they offer. Usually, this applies perfectly if the product on offer is a new invention or market pioneer since there is almost always no competition on the product. An example would be a company that manufactures cola drinks naming itself ‘Cola.’

In some instances, there is already existing product competition in the market, or the company is not the ‘real’ inventor of the product. In such cases, one might resolve to use the product name phonetically but alter the spelling by changing one or more letters of the word Spelled differently but the pronunciation remains the same. Using the above example of the cola drink company, they would in this case name it ‘Kola‘ or ‘Qola.’


The second would be to generate the business or domain name by the goals one wishes to achieve. It sounds logical and at the same time practical when a motor vehicle manufacturing company names its off-road model ‘Landcruiser.’ One gets to understand what the car is meant to offer (or do) out of the name only. It is usually the most commonly used since it serves in both brandings the product on offer as well as marketing the product by telling the prospective customers on what they should expect as the result of buying the product or service.

It also comes with unlimited possibilities since most languages will have many different words or phrases for an intended outcome, benefit or purpose.


The third one Is the ‘easy way out.’ In this method, as the name suggests, one does not input much energy into it. They might choose to computer generate the name using one of the many readily available software and applications or even buy a name among many other options.

The computer generated names are from market ready applications that require one to just enter the data or facts of the particulars, e.g., product/service, location, etc. and the application generates several options for the individual to choose from it.

Buying a company or domain name is classified as an easy way out since it doesn’t require much thinking regarding generating ideas since it is what we are discussing in this article. Regarding monetary cost, one might spend a few pennies to millions depending on how big the brand is the name they are purchasing. Other name buying options even go on for eternity in terms royalties and copyrights.

Still under the buying option, one may opt to contract a person or a team of persons to help with generating the ideas for the domain or company name. Here, it is more or less of a brainstorming session with paid staff to help come up with a name with the most positive impact on both the market (i.e., prospective customers) and the competitors offering a similar product or service.

Other options that we may classify under the ‘easy way out’ are reverse naming and using a foreign language. In reverse naming, one takes an option from any of the above-named options and spells it in reverse. E.g., in the case of ‘Cola,’ the name becomes ‘Aloc.’

For the foreign language, one considers the name they would naturally opt for and get translations of the word or the intended meaning of the word in different languages or cultures. It might as well depend on the significance of the language or culture of the product or service offered. An appropriate example of this would be a case where a cartoon series of a ‘Panda’ (an animal species primarily found in China) called ‘Kung-fu.’


In choosing any of the above methods, one needs to put in mind that a product/service is as good as the brand and by extension the name. It matters the picture the name strikes in the mind of the perceived customer. It would therefore primarily depend on the business owner to come up with an appropriate name for their company or domain.

In doing so, it would be prudent of them to consider all the elements of marketing and branding before they settle on any one given name. A perfect name does not only work magic on the targeted market but also helps to manipulate the industry players (i.e., competitors, government and licensing authorities) to the advantage of the company or business.

With all the above options, we hope to have done our best in helping one choose an appropriate domain or business name that would serve to their best interests in promoting the business revenues and thus the company profits by extension.

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