30 Most Fun Home-Based Businesses

Most Fun Home-Based BusinessesIf you are planning to work from home and want to enjoy what you do, then start by choosing the right career for you. Today, there is no shortage of home-based businesses which means you have a lot of options when it comes to the opportunities that can add some fun to your life.

Are you targeting to run a home-based business that gratifies you? Here is a list of fun options for you.

1. Party planner
Planning events can be challenging for a majority of people which is why most find it comforting to know that someone else can do it on their behalf. If you are the kind of people that fancy making plans and working with various clients, this could be an ideal opportunity for you that you can work from home. You will, however, need to link up with your clients occasionally.

2. Web designer

If you are able to design and create aesthetic websites, this is another great opportunity that allows you work with clients from various parts of the world.

3. Facebook page designer
You can reach out to owners of Facebook pages to help them add unique elements to their pages for a fee.

4. Home daycare provider
This job is ideal for anyone that enjoys spending time with kids and has an exciting environment that suits their needs.

5. Vintage clothing reseller
You can carry out this business on suitable sites such as eBay and Etsy. Begin by shopping for the clothes from other cheaper stores before selling them at a slightly higher price.

6. YouTube personality
YouTube can be competitive but if you are offering great content that fans love, you can end up raking a lot of money from ads.

7. Copywriter
If you are creative and possess great writing skills, you can choose to copy write for various advertising and marketing companies in need of freelance writers.

8. Clothing designer
There are lots of opportunities for designers who can create or just design other clothing and sell them from home.

9. E-book author
It is easier than ever to publish a novel or a nonfiction piece and make sales via various online platforms such as Amazon. So, if writing is one of your hobbies, you should take advantage of such opportunities.

10. Interior designer
Do you have any skill in style or design? Well, you can consider setting up a home-based interior design business to maximize your capabilities.

11. Sell collectibles
Selling antiques or collectibles can be a lucrative business that you can conduct online via platforms such as eBay.

12. Social media consultant
With the growing importance of social media to businesses and brands, you could master how these social sites work and offer consultancy services based on this expertise.

13. Drone trainer
Drones are gradually becoming more popular by the day which means a lot of people are seeking to learn how to operate them. How about you offer them training right from your home?

14. Personal stylist
This job entails guiding others on what to wear or add to their wardrobes. So, if you feel you got a great sense of fashion and style, this could be an ideal opportunity for you.

15. Photographer
For you to succeed in photography, consider selecting a niche that interests you. For example, you could specialize on nature photography, wedding or even portrait photography.

16. Furniture upcycler
The best way to do this kind of business is by finding old, cheap pieces, probably from second-hand stores, upgrade them before reselling them at a profit.

17. Caterer
If you love cooking, setting up a catering business could be a great idea for you. You can just make food at home before supplying it to various events as per client orders.

18. Florist
This job entails creating and selling flower arrangements. If you have an eye for design and love working with plants and flowers, this a career to consider while working from home.

19. Fundraiser
This is an ideal job for you if you enjoy organizing events or any other opportunities targeted at making money such as charities.

20. Landscape designer
If you are design-oriented and do not mind working outdoors, this is another great job opportunity worth pursuing.

21. Life coach
This job involves guiding others in making their lives better in various aspects such as relationship, career, finance, etc. You can work online or chat with them over the phone.

22. Professional blogger

With blogging, you can write on any niche you are passionate about which might range from travel, family chronicles, photography, etc.

23. Vacation rental owner
Does your home have an extra room or space that you might not be using? How about turning it into a vacation rental and listing it on sites such as Airbnb.

24. Mystery shopper
Is shopping one of your hobbies? Well, you can try out mystery shopping where all you need is to evaluate services and needs that various local stores might have. Although there is still some physical visits you will need to do, a lot of administrative work can be done from your home.

25. Yoga instructor
Yoga is a very popular practice in a number of communities today. If you understand well how it works, you may consider setting up a home-based yoga studio where you can share your expertise with others.

26. Travel planner
Today, there are loads of online tools to help you plan vacations which means you could take advantage of them to set up your business where you can assist companies and large groups in formulating their travel plans.

27. Christmas tree farmer
This opportunity may demand that you own some bit of outdoor space at your home. Besides, you will need to have a passion for nature to succeed in this job.

28. Massage therapist
If you are a licensed massage therapist, consider setting up a parlor in your home from where you can meet clients and offer services to them.

29. Musician
If you have the talent and some space to set up a music studio in your home, you can record and release your music from home.

30. Pet sitter
You can decide to offer pet-sitting services although this might mean visiting your clients homes occasionally. However, a lot of administrative work can still be done from your home.

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