5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a domain name

5 mistakes to avoid when choosing a domain nameIn a haste to get their sites up and running, a majority of people tend to rush when selecting their domain names. As a result, most end up choosing domain names that do not necessarily add value to their business. It is essential to take some time and give it a thought before settling on any domain since it identifies your brand.

Here is a walkthrough of a few of the mistakes you need to avoid when choosing your domain name.

Hard-To-Spell Domain Names (Domains That Fail The Radio Test)

Popularly referred to as the radio test, this tries to determine how easy it is for people to spell your domain name. If people, who are your potential clients, hear it in a commercial on the radio, they should find it easy to write it correctly. Typically, people won’t be able to type domains that have missing letters correctly.
Moreover, they may not manage to recall or even pronounce a domain name with odd spellings.

Before picking using any domain name, therefore, seek the opinion of a few friends. Tell them the name and let them spell it. If they find it hard, then you need to search for another name.

Domain Names with Potentially Ridiculous Meanings

SpeedofArt.com may be ideal for an art site while TherapistFinder may work for a therapist directory. But you will note that changing the capitalization gives other odd meanings that may even be vulgar.

Trade Mark Infringement

Choosing a perfect domain name is not enough. You have to ensure that it does not conflict other existing brands. If you are involved in a domain case law, you should expect to lose it. And that can be a blow to your business if it had already started to take shape.

Conflicting domain names can confuse customers, and the owner has a right to sue your business. Some domain names databases like Trademark247.com will help you confirm if your domain name choice is already registered.

Registering a Domain Name with a Country Code Not Globally Recognized

Normally, Google treats country code domain names in a more special way. But not all domain names are unique to certain countries. Take country code domain names like .IO, CO, and .TV. The code .TV belongs to Tuvalu, .CO is used in Columbia and .IO is for British Indian Ocean Territory.

The problem is that, although these codes belong to these countries, they have been adopted in other nations. As such, Google treats them as generic domains such as .COM.

Using Words with Several Meanings in Domain Names

To make sure that you don’t use a word with symbolic or different meanings due to the influence of slang or other foreign languages, be sure to confirm first. The UrbanDictionary.com has all the latest slang and meanings.

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