5 Things You Should Strictly Not Use For a Domain Name

5 Things You Should Strictly Not Use For a Domain Name

Before we get into the main part of what should not be used for a domain name, let us first think of a situation most of you are most likely to face. Domain names are not easy to get since the name which you have decided must have already been used by someone else. It is almost similar to creating a user ID for your Gmail where most of the user IDs which you though is not available, thus forcing you to come up with something creative. This is exactly what you need to do while creating a domain name for your own website.

But there are certain limitations when it comes to choosing a domain name as well. Below are the 5 important things one should remember not to include while choosing a domain name because of certain reasons, which are also explained.

1. Hyphens

Hyphens are the most common alternative people usually come up with when their chosen name is not available for creating a new domain. Put a ‘dash’ might seem to have solved your problem, but this is where your problem starts. When it comes to creating a domain name, a hyphen adds another word to your domain name.

Now, adding a hyphen creates a lot of problems in terms of visibility because not every person would be aware of the hyphen that is included in your domain address. Most people usually ignore special characters while typing something on the internet, thus leading them to a totally wrong website.

2. Numbers

Numbers are again another complicated element which makes things difficult, complicated and even confusing for everyone, if included within a domain name. Just imagine a situation when a person refers to your domain name through speech as Three Lions.com.
Now the problem arises when the person is about to find that particular website. They might end up typing just the domain name in numeric or in words. If typed incorrectly, then they would automatically end up in a separate website.
Thus, it is better to keep the name purely alphabetical in terms and not add any numbers – words or even numeric figures. This also decreases the visibility of the page as not every viewer would use the exact keywords.

3. Trademarks

In compared to hyphens, trademarks can be considered to be more notorious because it leads to legal issues or worse, cancellation of the registered domain name. Trademarks are a sort of identity for the website, which most new domain creators would love to use, but this has its own complications. If you, by any chance, have added a trademark to your domain which is already registered and is being used by another person, then you might end up losing your own domain name.

The simple solution to this problem is not to use any trademarks at all. Even if you are desperate enough to add one, then make sure you do extensive research to figure out if the trademarks are registered or already in use or not.

4. Homophones

Homophones are words which sound very similar in speech, but the meaning and spelling might differ.
For example – Fair and fare sound very similar and without the context, it is difficult to figure out what the exact spelling is. Just through this example, you must have figured out why homophones can become a problem as a domain name. If you are adamant to a particular domain name and want to figure out if it’s a confusing homophone or not, try testing it with people and see what they type.

5. Difficult Words

At times, while trying to think out of the box and getting creative with the name, the person might end up choosing a name that is not only hard to pronounce but also hard to spell for everyone. It is important to remember that not everyone who is browsing on the internet is an expert in the English language.
Even though the words might seem easy to you, try to remove the tongue twisting names as well where people confuse between particular letters. Thus, whatever names you come up with, it should be easy for everyone to spell and type.
Therefore, when it comes to domain names, showing off are not as much necessary as it should be while increasing its visibility through SEO.

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