Why A2hosting should be hosting your site?

A2hosting A2Hosting (www.a2hosting.com) was established in August 2001 and was initially known as Iniquinet before being renamed to its current name in March 2003. It is based in Ann Arbor Michigan. The company is generally a hosting company that offers a wide variety of services and products to its clients. some of the hosting products that the company provides include: Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting and Flex Dedicated Hosting.

The hosting service also prides itself in having several interesting and highly valuable hosting features such as 99.9% uptime guarantee, the highly popular FutureServe Green hosting for the environmentally conscious, a Risk free money back guarantee, SSD hosting. SwiftServers Fast and WordPress hosting are also some key features worth mentioning which A2hosting offers.

VPS is one of the most popular options for those clients who are still not ready for a dedicated server but need more resources than what other regular web hosting accounts can offer. It allows users to experience the power of isolation that only a Virtual Private Server Provides.
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 Hosting your VPS at A2hosting is Cheap

Whether you are looking for the next generation of Virtual Private Servers in the Cloud VPS Hosting offering or whether you opt for the Managed VPS Hosting, you can stay rest assured that at A2hosting, the services and features are second to none whereas the prices are rock bottom. Don’t be mistaken, at A2hosting cheap VPS does not in any way compromise the quality of service provision. For services such as Dynamic VPS being charged at a minimum of $9.89 monthly and the cloud VPS being charged at a minimum of $15.00 make A2hosting one of the cheapest service providers in the market currently, the services that come with these offers will pleasantly surprise you.

If you decide to go for the managed VPS Hosting, there are options galore. The Power+ offer starts from an affordable figure of $32.99 monthly, the Prestige+ is offered at $ 46.19 monthly whereas the Pinnacle+ is available at $65.99. When you consider the services that come with these packages and the peace of mind it offers, you are bound to be lost for words.

The Rich VPS Hosting Features at A2hosting

A2Hosting-MY-SSD-WordPress-Web-HostingClients who opt for the managed VPS hosting are spoilt for choice, with a minimum offer of 2048 MB and a maximum of 4096 RAM with RAID 10 storage of 75GB going up to 150GB; data transfer rates of over 1000GB going up to 2000GB and 2 dedicated IPs combined with a minimum of 4 vCPUs: these offers are simply mind boggling.

For those using cloud VPS hosting, the offer includes full root access and the use of SwiftServer Solid State Drive (SSD) option which improves the load time speeds by a whopping 300%. Further to this, if you opt for the Cloud VPS you are only charged for what you use; nothing more nothing less. The same service also offers you the option to resize your VPS on demand; this implies that if you experience higher traffic or big data, you can always resize your VPS upwards and do the opposite when you experience a downturn.

For dynamic VPS hosting, you are even allowed to choose your server location. Another interesting feature available with VPS hosting is the server rewind function. This helps you to easily restore your data from the saved snapshots when recovery from system failure becomes a necessity. This service is usually automatic, allowing snapshots of your account to be taken regularly and is flexible, allowing you to either restore a single file, the entire MySQL database or your entire site. It is also a very convenient service as it is easily accessible from the control panel and the beauty of all this is that the service is available with all VPS hosting.

VPS Hosting with A2hosting is Reliable

For the managed VPS, the service comes with the easy to use and install cPanel control panel and the 100% worry free HostGuard management which ensures that all your software, hardware, security and network are safely and properly managed. As is the norm with all VPS hosting services from A2Hosting, the account will be hosted in the exclusive SwiftServer platform which is known to provide high performance service with 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

It also comes with an APC SwiftCache that allows you to get an improvement of up to 200% in terms of PHP processing and CloudFlare Content delivery network which helps deliver your content using a faster route and also blocks other malicious threats before they can get near your site. At an additional cost though, the site offers Hack Scan, helping you to stop or block any hacks before they damage or invade your site. And just to keep you at ease, A2hosting has a money back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied with the service levels you receive.

That is bound to be an exception rather than the rule since not many people opt out of A2Hosting once they get a feel of what the provider has to offer.

A2hosting has a very responsive support team

With the aptly named, US based Guru Crew being available on a 24 hour basis, you can stay rest assured that the team will be able to act on your problem before you even notice it. The site also has a working and adequately manned Live Chat facility which allows users to discuss their technical issues or queries within the shortest period possible. If you decide to get the team on phone, USA and Canada have their special numbers while international clients also have a dedicated line which they can use. Their response time is pretty fast and this applies to all account holders, it doesn’t really matter which account you subscribe to.

A2hosting is the virtually the best cheap VPS Hosting

Taking into consideration the services that A2hosting is offering and the prices they are charging, this is by far the Best VPS, being offered at the most affordable prices in the market. With an uptime of 99.9%, a reliable and efficient support team, secure and fast web hosting facilities in Europe and America. All these VPS plans allow for a single IP address, coming with the option of choosing where you want the server to be located, keeping in mind that Iceland is a 100% green option; an enviable choice for those organizations or individuals keen on keeping their carbon footprints low. With A2hosting, everyone is bound to feel at home.

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