How to access GoDaddy email?

How to Have Access for GoDaddy Email ?
How to access GoDaddy email
Godaddy’s workspace webmail email server can be accessed through GoDaddy mobile app, mobile browser or the desktop browser. This webmail service provides you the facility for checking email accounts that are associated with different domain names which are hosted by the GoDaddy.
GoDaddy Mobile app is the one that is available to work with both the iOS and Android device and which enables you in establishing secure connection between the email accounts of GoDaddy and also the mobile device.
It is also possible for configuring the email client like thunderbird or outlook for managing the email accounts of GoDaddy. It is possible for you have access for the email accounts by login in with the dashboard of GoDaddy.

Desktop Browser Access
It is possible for you to have access for the GoDaddy email account from the desktop computer by using the standard web browser. It is then necessary for you to type the desktop version associated with the Workspace Webmail URL to the address bar in browser and then press on the enter key.
This can make you open the tool that is web based email. It is necessary for you to type email address for account you need to have access in username field. The password should then be entered in the password field. The email account can then be opened by clicking on log in icon.

Mobile Browser
It is possible for you to check the GoDaddy email by making use of the mobile device. The mobile browser can be made used for this purpose for checking the email account. It is necessary for you to launch this browser and then need to type the URL of mobile mail.
Once you do this then you need to press either the return key or go for opening the workspace webmail tool. It is then possible for you to log in by entering the email address and also password associated with the account for logging in.

Mobile App
GoDaddy can provide you with the secure free email app that can be used for both the iOS and Android devices. It is possible for you to download as well as install the GoDaddy mobile app from Google Play and iTunes.
It is necessary for you to then launch mail app on mobile device and then need to tap email management tab so that the email dash board can be opened.
Now you need to enter the email address and password on the respective field and press enter and go key for accessing specified account that you want. It is possible for you to make use of this app for getting the email accounts accessed.

Configuring the Email Client
For setting up the email client for the POP access with the GoDaddy email accounts, you need to configure the email application along with settings that if the incoming server and also with port number 110.
For getting the IMPA incoming server setting, it is possible for making use of the port number 143.

Dashboard of GoDaddy
It is possible for logging to the GoDaddy dashboard from the workspace webmail. You can get more options by clicking on email management tab.

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