All You Need To Know About .Com vs .Net Domain Name Extensions

We are usually asked by users about the differences between .net and .com extensions of a domain name. It is essential for you to select a domain name for your business set goals and objectives because it can influence your rankings on search engines as well as your company branding. In this piece, you are going to get a discussion that expounds the differences between .net and .com domain name extensions and some insights on the best to use.

All You Need To Know About .Com vs .Net Domain Name Extensions

What is .Net and .Com Domain Name Extension?

Well, a domain name simply refers to address that identifies your website on the internet. Domain name is what is typed by internet users in their browsers to find your website. For instance,

If you want to learn about what domain names are, you can find more information on guide for beginners about domain names as well as how they work.

Note that domain names can have different extensions such as org, net, com and more


When hosting a website you can freely choose a domain name of any extension type. However, the extensions were crafted to differentiate various types of websites. You will have to select a domain name that is within your industry while it should also aid you in building a recognizable unique business brand and an authority in your niche. Having said that lets now compare .net and .com extensions to find out the best for your business.

Differences Between .Net and .Com extensions

Net and Com domain name extensions are the most popular. If you choose to use .com for your website and it was not available, most tools used to generate domain names online used to give you .net alternative. However, opting for .net domain extension for your website is not good especially for a business enterprise.

Com domain name extension is usually used to denote a commercial business. This comprises making money online websites, blogs, business websites, portfolios, and personal websites just to mention but a few. Net domain name extension, on the other hand, is used to represent a network. It is advisable to use it for network, emails and internet services providers.

When Should .Com Domain Name Extension Be Used?

About 46% of the registered domain names on the internet at the moment uses .com extension. This domain name extension has become closely associated with the internet.

This is the reason as to why many internet users will probably remember com domain extensions than the other domain name extensions. Due to the high popularity of the com domain names, it makes promoting, branding and growing your business easier. If you want to develop a website for your business, then you should ensure you have made use of .com extension for your domain name.
This way your website will be given a unique address making your business to have a more established professional look. The problem here is that the idea of .com domain name extensions are more popular making it feel like all the best ones are already used. Don’t mind because there so many clever ways to get a good domain name with .com extension.

The following are some tips to help you while choosing the best .com domain name

  • The domain name you choose should represent what you do and your business. For example, is much better than
  • Ensure the pronunciation of the domain name that you choose is easy. Don’t include numbers and hyphens while selecting a domain name.
  • Make use of domain name generating tools that you can find online for free. These generators will assist you with excellent ideas for the domain names that are available and unique.

If you still need more help about this, you can peruse our article on the best real examples and practical website domain name tips.

When Should Someone Use Net Domain Name Extension?

.Net domain name extension should only be used if you are going to provide database hosting, internet, email hosting, database hosting, networking or such services. This domain name extension can also be used if it fits well with your brand. However, to make a success out of this you will need to invest in marketing and have a great talent for doing it as well. is a good example of an online design community that has successfully used the .net domain extension for creating their website. The domain name extension works with them well because they are constantly looking to build a network of companies, designers, and artists who are looking for a talent.

At the moment, about 4% of the registered domain names uses .net extension. The registrar of the domain names presents .net as well as other available extensions of domain names as .com alternatives, something that might give you a misconception that it is used most of the time than it is in the real world.

In the beginning, the .net extension for domain names was supposed to be used for networking and internet services providers. There are so many well-known and real internet companies that use .com primarily as the extension of their domain name for the business. For instance, when you visit, you will be directed to their newly launched .com website. You may tend to think that 4% of .net domain name extensions are so many (but it is around 14 million business as per the time this piece was written), who else do you think uses the .net extension for their domain names?

You should note that a big percentage of business people make use of the .net extension to prevent their business name infringement. A number of companies preferred to use it because they couldn’t find .com extension for their businesses. A big percentage of such companies have already migrated to .com extension but they have to keep their .net domain name for legal and technical reasons.

Net vs Com. Which is the Best to Use for SEO?

A big number of our users usually ask which domain name between the two will give them a higher ranking on search engine results. Using either of the domain name extensions for your business will not affect your SEO. All search engines treat the domain name extensions as if they were similar. But you will have to conform to the set SEO practices and create unique targeted content to help you for higher ranking. The most important part is the domain name that you choose and not necessarily the extension.
For instance, will be ranked higher than because it has a keyword that people might be searching for.

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