All You Need To Know About Domain Names

A domain name is a coordinated label connected to a specific IP from to distinguish it from other IP addresses. Domain names are part of URLs to ascertain precise web pages. Take an example of a URL newcoupon is the domain name. A domain name has a suffix that designates the Top Level Domain (TLD) to which it belongs. However, Top Level Domains are few. They include:

  • gov – government agencies
  • edu – educational institutions
  • org – non-profit organizations
  • com – commercial businesses
  • net – network organizations
  • us- United States
  • ca – Canada
  • UK – Kingdom of England

All You Need To Know About Domain Names
Every web server needs to have a Domain Name System (DNS) because the internet is not established on domain names but rather on IP addresses. DNS is a server that decodes domain names to IP address.
Domain name registrars are in charge or registering domain names. They advertise their services to the public.

Reasons why you should own a domain name?

Advertising Revenue – when you resolve to provide content on your site, you will be thought of as a publisher. Publishers earn by selling brand products and services concerning the content of your site. Moreover, you may charge commissions to anyone who would like to advertise their brands on your site.

Big Brands occasionally look for off-brand domains to buy and market their brand. If you have a domain that they may be looking for, then your domain will be appreciating in value.

Develop your brand. If you are in business, you could acquire your domain name based on your brand name.
Cope with competition – to avoid your competitors getting ahead of you; you could buy domain names related to your brand. This way, they cannot use them for their benefit.

Inexpensive – you require less than $10 annually to renew your domain name.
Credibility – online businesses have taken over as people integrate with technology.

However, trust remains vital. Owning a domain proves commitment to your business and seriousness to your customers.
Convenience – by using your domain name to host your email address, for instance: [email protected], you eliminate the need to alter your email due to changes in your ISP.

E commerce – you can easily publicize your business online using your domain name by directing your domain name to your seller’s page. Furthermore, it is easier to put your domain name on your business card, magazines or newspaper.
Investment. People argue that best domain names are already existent. These prompts buying of domains. You can decide to invest in this business by: buying a domain and owning it for some time as you wait for its value to appreciate.

How to register a domain name

To own a domain name, you have to register it to an organization, ICANN. Domain registrars register your domain name to the Organization. For example; if I choose `’ I will have to go to a clerk of my choice where I will be required to pay a registration fee (that normally ranges from $10 to $35). I will then have the right to own that name for a year after which I will have to renew it annually.

There are web hosts who could register your domain name for you. Some web hosts register and pay for the name for free while some do not. It is advisable to have your domain name registered directly with a registrar rather than through a web host. There have been reports of web hosts engaging in malicious practices where they register the domain names under their names.
Registering with domain name registrars has two crucial advantages: You get direct confirmation as the owner.

Security – this is because most of the registrars demand administrative contact before transferring a domain name.

What you need to know prior registering a domain name

Think of a variety of suitable domain names. Be sure that your domain name of choice is not existent.
Most of the registrars will require a PayPal or credit card account to pay for your domain name.
Secure your domain name. If you lack a web host, permit your registrar to park your domain name at a temporary website.

List of domain name registrars

Domain name registrars are numerous with the industry being quite competitive. Below are few of the well-known registrars:
GoDaddy – it is among the most popular. To manage your domains, they have a web interface, a free web redirection, free starter web page and an optional private domain registration.
I&I Internet – it serves as a web host and domain registrar. For the first year, you will be required to pay $0.99 and then pay $14.99 annually. This sum is inclusive of private domain registration, free email account with unlimited email forwarding and an open SSL as well as management. – it is less popular compared to the above but offers lower domain prices.
Namecheap – they provide various domain names.

Reasons why you could lose your domain name

Failure to renew your domain name. There are simple methods to remember to auto-renew your domain name such as: enabling auto-renew, turning on renewal reminder notices, and add them to your whitelist.

Outdated credit card or mode of payment.

Use of numerous email addresses. It may be arduous to keep track of each email address thus easy to forget to renew your domain name due to missed renewal emails.
Numerous domain providers. An easy way to is to consolidate all domains into one or two services for easy management.

History of domain names

15th March 1985, marked the first domain name registration under TLD com. Symbolics Inc., computer systems firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, registered the first domain name, as
.com Domains registered by the year 1992 were less than 15,000. In July 2012, the com TLD beat all the ccTLD`s combined by having the highest number of registrations.
On 21st December 2014,.com TLD had 115.6 Million domain names with:
11.9 million e commerce and online business sites
1.8 million Sports sites
4.3 Million Entertainment sites
3.1 million Finance related sites

In the year 2015, the first three months it had over 294 Million registered domain names, with a significant fraction of them being .com TLD.

In ConclusionThere are many benefits associated with owning a domain name. Besides boosting your business or brand, you can also earn from it. All you need to do is get a suitable unique name for your domain and consult with your registrar. Once you pay, you get the legal right to own your domain name for a year. Don’t forget to renew it.

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