Amazon Kindle Voyage review – the best ereader 2015

Amazon Kindle Voyage review

  • Pros: The Kindle Paperwhite has a front-lit touchscreen.
  • Cons: There is no way to listen to audiobooks on the device.
  • The Verdict: 9.38/10

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The base version of the Kindle Paperwhite has all the features you need, including a glare-free e-ink display and eight-week battery life.
Amazon ushered in a new version of the Kindle Paperwhite, a flagship that made eBooks easier to read. Previously, the Kindle Paperwhite was somewhat boring, though it wasn’t that bad. The new version is called the Kindle Voyage, which is an enhancement of the previous version.
The Kindle Voyage seems like a big deal, with a higher screen resolution and a tiny footprint. Regardless of what the new version might seem like, it is the first premium version of Kindle. One unique thing about the Kindle Voyage is that it will cost you $199 and it has no ads.
The Breakdown


It was about 2 years ago that the redesigning of Kindle versions was done. For that, Voyage has come up with a newer design. The previous, wavy artistic display of the Kindle has been changed and made better. The new design of Voyage has been made, with an emulation of the design language of the Fire. The new design has a rangy back fashioned that has a capped and magnesium, along with a black plastic design that is glossy. The magnesium feature is a cool option that helps to make work easier. Sadly, the matter rear of the Voyage, a section that has the power button, is a comfortable feature, especially if you have greasy fingers.

Another thing is that the magnesium framework makes the Kindle Voyage slightly lighter. This is one thing that you will easily notice. It is lighter and will work perfectly for those people who use one hand to operate their e-reader. And also, if you use two hands, it will be super light for you to realize.

It has an Ink Display of 6-inch, which makes the e-reader super stylish. This feature might not be such an advancement to the e-reader. This makes the Voyage an e-reader that is designed to make things much easier.

You will find a different experience with the conventional, physical button, which interrupted the page to turn. Nevertheless, you can still be able to change the pages by simply tapping on the screen. To do this, you will need to press on the vertical line that is on both sides of the screen. This will help to switch the pages. If you want to flip back, you will simply tap on the dot above the line. The sensitivity and vibration will be set to moderate by default.

The Display And Performance

The screen of the Voyage is super remarkable. The screen, which is 6 inches, is able to display 300 pixels an inch. This is able to make it almost like a real ink on a paper. Most of the conventional e-readers have not had such a good display. Nevertheless, the Voyage has a very elegant and crystal image display. Most of the HD eBooks are displayed perfectly on the Voyage. The Voyage displays some information that was not present on the Paperwhite. On the Voyage, you will have a clearer menu, which was slightly smudgy on the Paperwhite.

You will also have a slightly different screen display, this is because the surface was chemically fixed by Amazon. This helped to improve the light of the glass diffuses, however, the impact is slightly effective than the Paperwhite. This will ensure that you comfortably use the e-reader, even in the sun. The sun rays will not affect your reading as such. Another thing that has been enhanced on the Voyage is that it has a light sensor, which allows you to regulate the level of the backlighting easily. The adjustment of the light will be done automatically, so it will not be such a challenge.

One important fact is that the light improvements will not affect the battery life of the Voyage. It is claimed by Amazon that you will be able to use up the battery for about 6 weeks, after a single charge.

The processor of the Voyage is quite reliable and fast, though Amazon hasn’t really described it. You will find it quick and easy to flip through the pages, going back to the home screen and browsing through the Kindle Store. The only thing that has not received such a huge difference is the time taken to switch it on and off.

The Software

There is a slight advancement on the Voyage software. You will find some X-Rays, which have been designed to maintain the tabs on characters. Also, there is an integration of the Goodreads with your book club categories. There is a vocabulary builder that joins the words that you search in the dictionary that is installed within the platform.

There is the Page Flow, a new feature that has been added by Amazon. Suppose you swipe from the screen bottom when you have reached the middle section of the book, you will go to the next chapter. You can also skim through the remaining text easily. This might seem like a slight advancement, though it is quite helpful and important. There is also an extra feature like the Word Wise, this feature displays some definitions that are above a difficult word. The Word Wise also allows you to go through the images of a book and the library sharing of Kindle.


The Voyage has a screen that is bigger, measuring about 6.8 inches, which also has an internal storage of 4GB. In addition, there is a slot for a microSD card, which allows you to store more content. The price is also somewhat different, but the Voyage offers more than its predecessors.


One thing, which is basically a fact, is that, the Voyage is the most ideal Kindle e-reader. Another thing is that Voyage is also supposedly the most costly Kindle version available on the market. The Kindle Voyage goes for about $199, which is way above other versions of Kindle. The features of the Voyage are advanced, allowing you to enjoy your eBook easier and not have worries about how to handle it. It will be faster to operate Voyage, which will allow you to browse through the platform, and carry out some functions easier. Any difficult word in an eBook will be explained on Voyage, so there is really much to enjoy on the e-reader.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

5 starsDetailed Review of the Kindle
As has been the case for years, Amazon sloooowwwwly adds new changes and features to the Kindle. This one is no exception. If you’ve used a Kindle in the past, you’re not going to notice much of a change with this one, but since there are some minor upgrades and so forth, I’ll briefly go over them:

*** SCREEN ***

The new Kindle is touchscreen and has the typical matte finish with the slightly gray/off-white paper looking background. It’s certainly not bright white, but it’s also not LCD looking (dark gray.) It does NOT have buttons for page-turning as the older generations do. If you simply must have the page-turning buttons, please search for the older Kindles that offer that. One last thing regarding the screen: this is not a Kindle PaperWhite or Voyage where you have a back-lit screen… this has an unlit, off-white Kindle screen. I will say, the text is noticeably crisper and bolder than I’ve seen with previous generation Kindles and I believe that’s because Amazon is using E-Ink’s new “Carta” displays instead of the previously used “Pearl” displays. I love that and have been waiting for years for E-Ink, the Taiwan based company that makes the Kindle screens for Amazon, to improve them. It looks like they’re finally getting it!

The new Kindle’s screen resolution is 167 ppi which is slightly lower than the Kindle PaperWhite which is 212 ppi, and substantially lower than the Kindle Voyage which boasts an impressive 300 ppi (individual pixels at this density can not be distinguished by the naked eye.) Price-wise though, the base model PaperWhite runs $99 at the time of this review, and the Voyage base model runs $199 so you can see, the more you pay, the better the resolution and features. 167 ppi is fine though… in fact, most webpages are 72 dpi to give you a comparison.


Like other Kindles, you have the choice of purchasing one with “special offers” which is simply a marketing tactic Amazon uses, which, although some people may find annoying, I actually like as it recommends books that I’m actually interested in versus random crap I’d never buy.


One upgrade the new Kindle has is the amount of on-board storage which now allows you to hold thousands of books and of course, it also comes with a slightly faster processor which Amazon claims is 20% faster although honestly, I don’t notice the increase in speed. Pages turn quickly and that’s all that really matters to me speed-wide. The on-board storage is 4GB, although you also have unlimited access to the Amazon Cloud so there really shouldn’t be any worries about storage.


Even going back a few years, the Kindle Paper White bragged about a battery that lasted a week versus a day. For very casual reading, that was true with the Paper White although with regular daily use, it was more like 4 days or so, not a week. The new Kindle has a similar claim in that the battery lasts weeks, not days; that appears to be true. You can easily go two weeks with casual reading and most of that is attributed to the fact that there is no on-board light draining the battery.


Books are downloaded quickly through WiFi, usually in less than 30 seconds, and definitely under a minute, unless you have really crappy internet service. THIS IS NOT 3G so you CANNOT download books unless you have access to WiFi. I have never found this a problem as I download my books at home in advance of leaving for a trip or something. Besides, nearly every McDonalds, Starbucks, and hundreds of other retailers and restaurants now offer free WiFi so if you simply must download that book while travelling, go park in a McDonalds parking lot and download the book. It’s not worth paying the extra money for the 3G access, especially when it oftentimes raises the product price by $50 or more.


Like all new Kindles, the touchscreen has some major advantages, one being that you can click on a word you don’t know and pull up the dictionary to learn what it means. Also, you have the option of turning on the “highlight” feature where you can highlight important text AND see what areas of text others have highlighted the most. For someone reading a book for research purposes (writing a paper, review, etc.), this is a nice feature as the parts of the book people find most helpful are usually highlighted, alerting you to its importance.


As is the case with all Kindles, subscribing to the Amazon Prime service is going to give you a lot of bang for your buck as you can “borrow” thousands of books for free, and also get special pricing on some items.


Books are stored in the cloud and are accessible by any Kindle device registered to you, as well as from your home computer which gives you plenty of options for reading. Some people use a Kindle PaperWhite or Voyage in bed because of the backlight (as I do) and then have another Kindle that they use for daytime reading. Very rarely do I use my home computer to read the books but it is a nice feature to have for some people.

*** If this review has helped you in any way, please let me know. You can also post comments or ask questions in the comments section below. I try my hardest to include all the important information about the product to help you make an informed purchasing decision and feel comfortable with your purchase. Thank you for taking the time to read my review! ***
4 starsI love products with high resolution or larger screens
After Voyager came this resolution seems too low. I love products with high resolution or larger screens. I had Kindle DX for a long time and then I searched for a big screen for a long time. I like the portability of the Kindle 6″. Used for 6 months before getting the high resolution cousin. Love the book ecosystem very much. Great for on the go travel. If your morning commute involves train get the Kindle, if it involves car get Audible!
5 starsspecial offers are NBD
I did get the kindle with special offers. They honestly do not bother me at all. You don’t see anything while reading, only the screen saver. And I’m not upset about it recommending a book or something I might enjoy. I’ve only charged it once since I got it, used it straight out of the box. I never thought I would be an ereader owner but here I am!
It seemed easy 4 starsenough to get started
however, I can not figure out how to get ordered books on both Kindle’s that we own. I can not figure out how to transfer a book from one Kindle to the other Kindle. Is that possible?

Since both Kindles are on the same account, how do I know that a book my wife orders will go to her Kindle and not mine?

5 starsI didn’t want anything fancy with new and wonderful things I could do on it.
My original Kindle gave up the ghost, and I really only wanted the basic Kindle and was so glad to be able to find it . The touch screen has been challenging, but I’m figuring it out as I go along – I’ve already read 3 books on it.

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