Appraising domain names with online valuation tools

Appraising domain names with online valuation toolsWhen evaluating the worth of a house, there are numerous online tools you can use today. In the same way, there are several online tools that can assist you valuate domain names’ worth. Some of the top domain name valuation tools include Valuate, Estibot, and Website Outlook.

While none of these will be perfect in its valuations, they still help to give you a rough estimate of the same. For Estibot and Valuate, both use closely related valuation algorithm which depends largely on keyword metrics such as cost-per-click data and previous sales data.
Conversely, Website Outlook bases its valuation on a domain’s performance indicators such as backlinks, Google Page Rank, and Alexa traffic rank.

For the purpose of this post, we’ll use a sample domain name to demonstrate how each of the three domain valuation tools work. Our sample domain name will be

Estibot’s valuation of

Valuate Valuation
Estibot Valuation
According to Estibot, is worth $230. But why that figure? For one, the video game writing industry is yet to gain massive popularity and thus does not command a lot of monthly searches on SERPs.
However, the valuation given by Estibot is majorly based on the keyword value which therefore helps to explain the seemingly low figure posted by the valuation tool.
Estibot’s valuation of VideoGameWriting

When looking up for a domain valuation on an online tool such as Estibot, always ensure that the keywords are written correctly and in the right order. You should also separate them so they appear as “video game writing”. Failure to observe any of these rules will end up with you getting a wrong valuation.
video game writing

The keyword phrase “video game writing”, according to Google Index update, generates about 1,060,000 search results. And with valuable domain names considered to have lower than 100,000 average keyword results, it means that our sample domain name has a fairly higher number.
Google’s index

If you’re keen enough, you might have heard several domainers claim that their primary keywords generate several millions of monthly searches on SERPs.
However, it’s worth mentioning that most of these people refer to the total number of searches their individual keywords generate. In our example, the “Video Game Writing” keywords generate a combined 108,000,000 searches. However, you can get the average keyword results by looking at the figure posted right under the keywords.

Moving on to the keyword popularity, Estibot indicates that the has a search popularity of 175. This figure represents the total number of times the keywords are searched in the US. On a global scale, the figure is 1000+. It’s important to mention that the sweet spot for local searches is something above 1000.
However, you may still find good domain names with less than 1000 searches.
So, what makes them good? Other factors such as past sales, market value, and demand may come into play in such a case. For more of this information, consider checking out for DN Journal for domain sales reports.

Valuate’s Valuation of

To use Valuate for your domain name valuation, you’ll need to input your domain name in the box provided and click the “Valuate” button. If your domain has an Alexa traffic rank, that info will be posted on the “Traffic” column.

The cost per click (CPC) for the keywords “Video Game Writing” stands at $1.58 which is quite low and thus indicates a low ad competition as at now.
However, that is set to change soon especially considering that the video game writing is growing at a pretty fast pace. Besides, other factors may also come into play such as the recently introduced Video Game Writing Awards by the Writers Guild of America which is expected to popularize the industry more.

Despite having a few similarities in the algorithm that they use for domain valuation, Estibot and Valuate differ slightly in that Estibot offers more keyword metrics than its counterparts such as overture, global searches, and Google Page Rank.

Website Outlook’s Valuation of

The main difference between Website Outlook and the two tools we’ve looked at above is that the former valuates the website while the latter are more concerned about the domain’s value.
Website Outlook Valuation

The information given by Website Outlook regarding is that the domain has an Alexa Traffic Ranking of 7,183,257. Besides, it also indicates that it doesn’t have any backlink to it. What’s inaccurate are the stats given regarding the page views (153 views) and ad revenue ($0.46). Considering that the site is yet to be set up, we can only assume these stats to be the projected ones once the site is up and running.
Overview area

Website Outlook is popularly known for its effective website appraisal capacity which mainly depends on factors such as high unique traffic, backlinks, Alexa Traffic Ranking, and Google Page Rank. These are some of key the factors that make high-end websites such as Google, Facebook, AOL, and MSN to have appraisal values of anywhere between 7-10 figures on this domain valuation tool.

Bonus Tips For Domain Valuation

To this end, it’s easy to say that online valuation tools can be quite useful when used to generate the approximate domain name appraisal value. However, there are other additional values to consider beyond what these tools offer.

While Website Outlook can be an excellent tool for use when valuating domains that have numerous backlinks, high Alexa Traffic Rank, and Google Page Rank, the same tool performs rather poorly when used to valuate a website based on its keyword value.

A good example can be seen when one uses the three tools to valuate a valuable domain such as While Estibot and Valuate consider the domain to be worth about $17,000,000, Website Outlook only values it at $5,840. The reason for this huge discrepancy is the fact that the domain is not being utilized properly when compared to other branded websites that are used and visited every day.

To determine the accurate appraisal value of any domain, therefore, ensure that you have considered several other factors beyond the data provided by the domain valuation tools. Some of these factors include the domain’s market value and past sales data.

So, never solely rely on the data offered by those online domain valuation tools when setting the final selling or buying price of a particular domain. If anything, these tools should only help you understand the difference website appraisal and keyword values.

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