How to Avoid the 5 Main Startup Domain Name Mistakes

How to Avoid the 5 Main Startup Domain Name Mistakes
You have your startup coming up well and all that is left is a domain name. Well, that is not a walk in the park even if it’s just a name that you must create. The problem is that most startups make grave mistakes when creating domain names for their companies despite this being something that needs a lot of careful thought and research to come out well.

For this reason, we list for you the most common mistakes that webmasters make when crafting a domain name and how to avoid them.

Not Thinking About the Name Beforehand

It is okay to want a name that attracts the beauty, location, and qualities of your company. However, don’t give too much focus on the uniqueness as you might miss out on important things. Below are common mistakes many new business people make:

  • Selecting a meaningless domain name.
  • Choosing a name that inhibits the growth potential of your business.
  • Leaving out the main keywords and location.
  • Choosing a dull, unmemorable, and a hard to remember domain name.
  • Including abbreviations, numbers, and hyphens.
  • Picking domains names with complicated spellings.
  • Ignoring the Importance of Feedback and Use of Naming Resources

Although it is easy to create a name that you love, it is advisable to take note of the feedback you get from other clients, colleagues, and prospective customers. Feedback helps you to know if the domain name you have picked has some negative attachments in other languages or sound unpleasant when you say it aloud.

Nowadays, some websites give you some ideas and act as valuable resources around which you can create a name. For instance, Shopify Business Name Generator generates business names and helps to check if they are already in use with other firms and domains. gives business name suggestions for most new businesses. gives ideas for a domain name based on themes. DomainMarket acts as a resource for domain names depending on the industry keyword or category.

Waiting Until the Domain Name Has Expired

Every domain name has a finite lifespan mostly between one to about ten years after which they expire and become obsolete. However, the owner can choose how long they want to have the name. It is, therefore, advisable to go for the longest lifespan given that if the domain name expires, getting it back can be a hard task.

Business owners get carried out by other things making it hard to remember to register their domain addresses something that works against the owner. You could have enough opportunities and extra time given by the domain address servers to recover their domain names, but they still expire after the agreed time.

The name will be available for other users to acquire once it has expired and if the domain is popular, it gets an instant buyer who will never accept to release it back to its original owner. If the bid to regain the name is unsuccessful, you’ll have to choose a new one and wait if the current owner decides to resale.
Luckily, you can avoid this situation by keeping checks on the name so that it doesn’t expire yet you still want to be the owner.

Outsourcing Everything Including Registration of Domain Name

Most new business owners tend to outsource their web development and designs and internet marketing services to third parties. Well, this gives you ample time to focus on growing your business, but it can spell doom and create rifts between you and the third party if something goes wrong. Developing a website can be tough for some people, but it is important to register the domain name for yourself so as to get full ownership. The owner must have sole admin access to the website so that if the agency pulls out, you’ll still retain possession including the login details of the site and domain name.

Not Researching On the Domain Address before Buying

Having a perfect and available domain name doesn’t imply you are off the hook. Try to find out why the name is available since you’ll be stuck with it for many years once you pick the name. If the domain address has a bad history, it becomes difficult to rebrand, make changes, and generally optimize the site. Therefore, before you choose and settle with your given domain name consider the following:

  • Check the name at
  • The domain address on available social media platforms.
  • Carry out a trademark research of the domain on
  • Make a secretary of state search on the domain address to ascertain that it is not in use.

To this end, it is our hope that you’re now armed with the right info on how to make a smart choice when buying your next domain name for your business. Of course, you don’t have to take the process too serious but always have it in mind that this name will always represent you on the internet which is why you must be careful when picking one. If you take note of these points, your startup will begin on the right foot, and you’ll avoid costly mistakes many people do.

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