Avoid Confusion With Your Company Name

Avoid Confusion With Your Company Name
How unique should company name be? Why should you have a name that is not that common for your firm? How do you get a name that is not confusing with other company names? Is it risky to have similar names with other businesses? These are some questions you might be asking yourself.
We, ourselves love to have names that are not common, so does your company. No company should remain unregistered and nameless. It is the only way you will be able to sell your type of business. Your business name will be the face of your company. The name will be what will help your customers to know what your business is all about. The company name is what will help you to get new clients and keep up with profits.

What is a company name?

A company name is a legal title given formally to an organized or incorporated firm. The name has to be acceptable and also distinct from other company names. The company name includes felicitous suffixes. These are like the corporation, limited, incorporated or also their abbreviations. It helps the entities that are dealing with the company, to get to know its legal status.

Choosing a company name

The name chosen is equally important as the products and services you sell. Selecting a company name well will be easy for customers to remember. It will also be reminding your clients the value your business offers hence stand out on the amount of competition. The following are ideas on how to choose a company name.

• Always brainstorm your company name as you jot down.
• Try and choose a short name for this will be easy to remember and also to write. It will make it easier for you when selecting a domain name.
• Choose names that are easy to spell. It eases on searching for it on the internet. Do not complicate it.
• The name should match your image. It will help in remembrance and also marketing.
• The most important part is to make sure that the name is not matching another. You do not want someone searching and finding another different site.

After doing all this, you might find that there is a confusion of the company names.

How to avoid confusion with company names

Sometimes, people get all confused when they search for a company on the net, and they find similar names. The bewilderment is brought about by the two related names making it all hard for the customer to know which is which. Well, you cannot stop another company appearing with a name that is similar to yours. Some things can be done to be sure that your domain name is less likely to lead to confusion. Some of them are:

1. Avoid common names.

As the above said, it is vital to have a unique name. If you choose a common name, then be prepared for your customers to get lots of confusion. It will make it hectic to find a name that matches your business thus end up in losses.

2. Trademark database

A trademark is a combination of words that distinguish goods of one company from those of others. You should always check the trademark database. It will help you to know which other companies are using a similar name and also the type of industry they have. There are many different databases you can search. If you find that a company owns the trademark for the business name you have chosen, avoid it. The US Trademark Office obligates companies to protect their trademarks actively.
It is better to search early to avoid all the rebranding expenses and loss of customers.

3. Google search.

Always take a few minutes to search on google to see if any names are similar to yours. You should make sure that these companies are not on the same line of business as yours. But it will be better just to avoid the names and think of something else.

4. Get registered trademark.

You should consider getting yourself a registered trademark. It will help to reduce chances of people picking up a similar name as yours.


Avoiding confusion should always be an ongoing process for you may never know who might adopt the same name later on. Sit down and look for an easy, unique name. But with all this, you should still monitor continually. Follow the above, and all will be well. Good luck!

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