Best 10 websites to buy expired domain name

Best 10 websites to buy expired domain nameJust the other day, I managed to buy a new domain with a domain age of 11 years at a very little price. This domain was 11 years, unbelievable right?
Some of you might probably be wondering how I managed this. Well, first of all, this is not luck but again, it is no rocket science. First of all, you need to be head over heels searching on a number of websites which sell expired domains in order for you to grab this deal.

Some of you might be lazy and they do not prefer sitting for hours on their machines just to search for these domains on different websites. Such people will need to have an eagle’s eye for them to fast spot sites that offer these domains.
Therefore, first you need to understand that purchasing an expired domain is not the same as registering your domain. In order for you to acquire an expired domain, you will have to go through a number of websites that release those domains that were not renewed by their owner for sale before the expiry date.

The following is a top ten list of some of the websites I have used and explored to buy expired domain names for myself and clients.


expireddomainsThere are a number of domains which expire daily due to one or two reasons. Some of the reasons for domain expiry is the owner might fail to renew it or they may not be interested to using it any more. If you are one of those people who know the true value of an expired domain, backlinking, PRs and SEO, then is just the place for you.

One of the advantages of using this websites to check for domain information is the fact that it is completely free. The other reason is the fact that you do not need to sign up to check the details about the expired domain. Simply enter the site and check the details and grab one.


ExpireddomainsleuthThis is just a tool to find expired domains. This tool can help you find the best domain names keeping in mind the popularity of the domain, its management and its filtering. Such domain names are even flagged by this tool using hourly status checker.

3. DomCop

DomCopThis site is not so much popular in the list of websites offering expired domains. However, I decided to mention it here due to the features they offer which are mostly accessible with just a click of a button. Some of the features include:

  • Page rank
  • Majectic SEO Trust and Citation Flow
  • Moz Rank, Page Authority and Domain Authority
  • SEMrush Rank and Traffic
  • Similar web Rank

There are also 40 metrics where you can compare the sites on. The other good thing is the fact that it will only take you a few minutes to research for the domain you wants.


FreshdropI could not go forward without mentioning This is one of the sites with the best filter and search options. Therefore, if you are interested with a site that is going to offer you a lot in terms of search details then this is one place you will never go wrong.

This site will give you a number of features about the domain you want. This is the main reason FreshDrop appeared in in the list of the best sites to buy domains.


StuckdomainsIf you are the kind of person who doesn’t like spending so much time online looking for expired domains then this is just the right place for you. This is purely a portal for expired or dropped domains.

Thanks to an easy check and check out policy, you do not necessarily have to sign up to go through their domain details. Unfortunately it has a limited filter option but the ease of searching cannot go unnoticed.


nameThis is another wonderful website that sells expired domains. Over the years, has gained so much reputation in the world of domain name registration.

This company is located in the USA and has garnered so much good reviews from their past clients. has a wonderful list of expired domain names and can be bought with an easy check out process.

7. NameJet

NameJetThis is another site that offers some of the most sought out for expired domain names. This site made it in this list simply because of their award winning technology.

This technology has seen the site making use an easy to use platform for domain auctioning, account management and backorder requests. You will all agree with me we all need to get value for our money and this is just the place for doing that.


DroppingThis is another site that brings expired domains with a unique classification of buyers. In this site, you will find that you are prompted to specify whether you want a domain as an investor or a SEO/SEM expert or the website owner.

This sounds, interesting right? Someone like me, I found so much pleasure going through the website since from the three choices available, I found some very interesting results.

9. SnapNames

snapnamesWith many years of business, SnapNames understands well the importance of web presence for any individual website or a company website. With such convenience, this company brings premium auctions, domain brokerage and daily auctions for you. The many years of experience should act as collateral for your trust.


domainpeelApart from having an attractive name, offers spam free expired domain list. This applies for either a personal or a business website. They have a reputation for offering authentic information and this is the main reason most people still continue to use it.

This is one site you should never fail to use especially for those people who are new in the industry and know very little about domain names.

Therefore, I hope this list is going to help you just like it helped me. Ensure you follow what the list says and you will never go wrong in your hunt for an expired domain name.

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