Buy A Super Cheap Domain Name Using NameCheap

Buy A Super Cheap Domain Name Using NameCheap
Probably you are one of those people who have always wanted to start blogging. However, you have never known how to go about it or probably you think this is another rocket science. Well, blogging can be easy just as it sounds. However, there are a few things you need to know before you start blogging. The following is a short description on how you can get to post your first ever blog post on your blog.

Well, given the fact that you already picked a blog name, it is high time you picked a domain name for your blog. Probably you are not aware what a domain name is. This is the address to your blog. Domain name is what your subscribers, your followers or customers are going to use to identify you. In short it is your identity.
For instance, the domain name for this blog is Once you have come up with your blog name, it is paramount you register it as soon as possible. Otherwise, even after all that hard work of coming up with it, someone else might end up taking it up and registering it under their own. This will be bad for you given the fact it is not an easy task coming up with a domain name and moreover, getting that which you have liked.

There are a number of places you can buy your domain name from. For instance, personally I always preferred to use NameCheap for a number of reasons.
First and foremost, their name is synonymous to their service. Synonymous I mean, they sell their domains at low prices that you can never get elsewhere. This is one of the reasons I have always liked them.
Secondly, they always seem to be able to undercut everyone else and also have an excellent customer support. Apart from these, they also give their customers a lot of goodies which you will probably pay for when you use other companies.
A good example of these goodies include, they will give their customers WholsGuard absolutely free up to the 15th of May. This is something you will not ignore given the fact that it will usually cost you like $1.00 a month extra.

Probably, you are wondering what a WholsGuard is. Definitely, you are not alone; there are a lot of people out there who are not aware what it means.
Normally, when you buy a domain, anyone can find out who owns the domain, their addresses, their phone numbers and their email addresses.
These people can achieve to find out this by doing what is usually known as a Whois search on your domain. When you have a WhoisGuard set up on your domain, you become protected from potential spam and most importantly identity theft. This is because the guard will help to hide your personal details and prevent them from being public.

Therefore, now that you have already chosen and decided which domain you are interested in and lucky enough, it is still available on NameCheap, it is time for you to go ahead and buy it. The following is a short description of how you go about it

So let’s begin…

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how to Buy A Super Cheap Domain Name Using NameCheap
Step 1: On NameCheap add your chosen name to your shopping cart and click on the icon in the right hand sidebar which says ‘View Cart’.
Step 2: Once you have chosen to buy it, you will be taken to your shopping cart. Here you will need to reevaluate whether you are really contented with the domain name before you proceed to the next step.
You should also ensure that the domain name has been spelt correctly the way it should.
Do not select any other thing including those that appear under the words Improve your site. Ensure you ignore them as you do not need them and scroll down to the bottom for the page where you will find the confirm button and click on it.

Step 3: After you have clicked the confirm button, you will be taken to the order review page where you will be expected to fill in all your payment details before your order is processed.
Once you are done filling your payment details, you can now click the “Pay Now” button.
Once this is one, you will be happy to know that you finally you are a happy owner of your own blogging domain name. Congratulations you can now start having your blogging experience.

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