How to buy expired domain names?

How to Buy Expired Domain Names?Purchasing an expired domain name is not as difficult as it is always perceived. In fact, today finding a domain name that is yet to be taken is even more difficult than finding an already expired domain name.
Therefore, most people are turning back to buying domain names that are already expired to finding good ones.
Such sales are often handled by companies which have specialized in this. Such companies often do this through a sales auction.

Instruction – Research

1. First and foremost you are expected to conduct a research on domain names that are already expiring to find a name that pleases you the most. After you have found the name, you are expected to pay a visit to the websites of those companies which have specialized in this market.
Such companies include: GoDaddy, NameCheap and Domain

2. Secondly, you should take note of the date and time of the auction for the particular names that you have selected.

3. Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations for the sites or site you have chosen. It is pertinent that you realize that the rules for each individual site differs from one another other hence note the critical points, and most importantly what you should expect prior to the auction day and time.

4. Carry out an investigation on the names you have selected. You can browse on Google to determine which kind of site it was before.
Remember you do not want to risk an unpleasant connection to the name you are planning to buy.

5. Ensure you plan your finances well. Decide the maximum amount you are willing to part with for the domain name before the auction day arrives.
Otherwise you might end up spending too much on the domain name hence messing up the other plans you had.


How to Buy Expired Domain Names?1. The first thing you will need to do is to register with the domain auction you have selected. Remember that registration is free and you will not be expected to pay any fees for this unless you win the auction.

2. Secondly, enter your bid.

3. Visit the auction website to be able to watch the bidding for the desired URL. In case you are outbid, you can up your bid.
If the auction is close to end, you can look for updates by refreshing the page.

4. Finally, wait for the auction to close and finally claim your expired domain name.

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