5 steps to buying a domain name that’s already taken

buying a domain name that's already taken
Perhaps you have this awesome idea of buying a domain name that will allow you start your own web empire. However, upon checking with your domain registrar, you find that it has been taken by someone else. As such, you find that the name has been used by another registrar. So you decide to look for an alternative right in the search results, but unfortunately, none of your favorite names is available. What’s next?

Where to buy a domain that is taken

From a branding and marketing perspective, it is vital to come up with the right choice of the domain name for your website. Commonly, most people make a personal decision on this. The name has to be the right one even without having to look for an alternative.

If this is what has been happening to you, be calm. It is possible for you to buy the domain name of your choice in the domain aftermarket. Here, you can buy a domain name that is already in use by another person. However, if your preferred domain name is not listed on the domain aftermarket, you don’t have to give up because you can purchase it directly from the current owner.

In this case, you will have to know just but a few things before taking a step to contact the domain owner; the timing as well as the budget.

What’s your budget?

It is highly important to think and come up with a budget that you have set aside for the name. Try to imagine that you are the seller of the domain. They put in some effort and time when acquiring the domain and far from just that, they might be using the domain at the moment. Offering them $100 wouldn’t probably tempt them to sell it to you, right?

In this situation, you don’t have to try a bargain basement approach just come up with a fair offer. What would be the approximate worth of the domain name? You have to take enough time to come up with a fair offer.

Timing is also worth keeping in mind. While getting in touch with the domain name holder and even make them agree to sell it to you, it may not be probably possible to make it possible in a day. The best way is to decide on a month to avail yourself with the time you need to get in touch with the domain name owner, negotiate on matters of price, make the agreed payments and finally get the name moved to your account.

Now that you are well equipped to take that plunge and try to go for the dream domain name for your project, let us consider a few final steps that will put you in the best position to walk away with the domain name. Buying a domain name involves just a few steps which require you to apply different tactics and variations in the respective steps.
However, someone with little exposure in buying domains can make an accurate move of acquiring the exact name.
Follow the few steps below

1. Establish the owner of the dream domain

You must find the owner of the domain before making the move to the domain name. This is easy. You can look in the WHOIS directory which looks like the white pages of the phone book. Normally, the details of the person; name, phone number, email, are listed here.
However, at times, the owner may use a privacy service, or it may be that the information has run out of date. The privacy on the WHOIS directory functions like unlisted personal details. Here, the privacy email normally forwards to the real owners of the address. Therefore, it is still possible to attempt contacting them through the private email that is listed in the WHOIS directory.

It is worth noting that, if the WHOIS information has run out of date, you can opt to submit an invalid WHOIS complaint by trying to contact the domain registrar, i.e. the company in charge of the domain name like GoDaddy. If the company deems the information invalid, they will contact the owner asking them to update the information.

2. Get the contact details of the owner

You now have the owner’s email contact. If you contact a company’s website administrator, they are more likely to ignore you. Therefore, it will be better if you can get in touch with the real owner of the domain. If it is possible to get a general email box, you can look for ways to contact the real decision maker of the company in regards to the domain.

3. Start negotiation

Now here the fun begins. Negotiation is basically an art and science. Therefore, it is better if you can learn a few resources in advance. For instance, you can read: Symbolics

Braden Pollock, a domain expert, gives the following piece of advice.

He who mentions the domain price first loses. You should first start by asking whether the domain name is for sale. If so, what would be the price for it?

Other things that you should read include: Domain Holdings and Domain Sherpa.

4. Do the payment and the domain transfer

You must pay for the domain name in order to do the transfer. Involving a third party in the process would be very important.
Reasonably, you need the protection because you are paying for the domain with your hard earned money.
The seller too wants to trust that you will pay. GoDaddy offers a trustworthy platform where you can transact the whole activity without fear. There are other services too that you can employ until the name is completely transferred to your account subject to your payment.

5. Get set

The hardest part of any business is to get started. However, now that you understand the whole process get the domain name that you want. In case, the owner says no, you don’t have to lose hope or give up because situations are dynamic. Keep checking back after some time to let the owner know how much you need it.

Is it too hard for you? Don’t worry: you can get an expert to do it for you. GoDaddy domain buy service, a broker, will look for the owner and do the negotiations for you.

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