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ipage-web-hosting iPage is the first name that can come across your mind when you are dealing with cheaper web hosting. This is the brand that has been providing dependable and great service of web hosting. They have hosted many websites of large enterprises, small companies, personal blogs and websites.
The attractive feature of this web hosting service is that they can provide with great package that comes with so many advanced features but in much reduced price. iPage is a popular name among the webmasters and bloggers who always try to find those web hosting services that can really provide with excellent features.

They provide all these great features in much reduced price and this makes them the ideal choice for the people who are in need of webhosting services that are reliable and can provide with cost effective services.

There are many amazing features provided by iPage which need to be understood before you are making a choice. They are capable of providing with better profits and many discounts too. The features that are provided them are of great standard and are much worthy compared to the cost of their service. This company was started in the year 1998 as a service provider and the one which provides better web solutions.

The Features

The FeaturesThere are many features related with the iPage which make them a complete and appealing choice by many of the websites. The webhosting company can provide you with tools that are beginner friendly so that it can help in your process of website building. There is no need to worry of get disappointed if you are not having good knowledge on programming and HTML. There are many tools provided by iPage which can help you in making a website that is great in it’s look and highly function. This can really help you in making a website of yours without spending on a website designer.

There are many features available that can be installed easily for applications related with ecommerce, photo gallery and blogging. There is possibility for you to get apps that can be installed for managing your website in much convenient manner. iPage also can provide you with a control panel that has installation wizards that are simple and quick. There are also tools available for helping your online store. There is possibility also for applying provisions for accepting the payments made through credit card. There are also tools available for enhancing the professional image of the businesses. The security features available with it are of world class standard.

Price and Coupons

You can get the great features of the iPage webhosting with 1.99 dollars spend per month. This is a great opportunity and should be made used fast as it can expire within a limited period. This rate is available for first 3 months and then for the remaining terms it s 2.95 dollars.


The iPage is an economical webhosting choice that can benefit the customers in various different ways. It can be chosen for your business to get better promotion and benefits.

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