BigRock Register .COMs, .NETs & .INs Domains Just $1.48 The First Year

Right after Nettigritty’s promo code expired, we have some more Rs 99 coupon code for domain names from BigRock – one of the largest domain providers in India.

For 2 years term, a single .COM domain name will cost Rs 718 (~ $10.77, $5.385/year), .NET at Rs 539, (~$8.00, $4/year) and .IN at Rs 588 (~ $8.82, $4.41/year).
Buy .COM for 2 years and get the 1st year at Rs 99

Buy .NET for 2 years and get the 1st year at Rs 99

Buy .IN for 2 years and get the 1st year at Rs 99

  • PayPal and Credit Card accepted
  • Promotion is not valid for transfers or renewals. Renew prices will be at the regular rates, at Rs 679 (~ $10.18) for .COM, Rs 589 (~ $8.83) for .NET and Rs 584 (~ $8.76) for .IN.

BigRock Register .COMs, .NETs & .INs Domains Just $1.48 The First Year

For all the time, BigRock always keeps a promotional rate on .NET domain nameonly Rs 299, about 4.45 in US dollar. Plus with 10% coupon code, you can buy .NET domain at only Rs 269 ~ $4.01 a year.
All customers of BigRock (both new and existing ones) can buy .NET domain at this special price. Moreover, they allow registering as many as you want.

Save 20% Off web hosting, email hostng, DIY at BigRock

Save 10% Off Domains, SSL, BIFM at BigRock

Save 10% Off web hosting, email hostng, DIY at BigRock

Save 5% Off Domains, SSL, BIFM at BigRock

Cheapest .NET domain registration at BigRock

At, other domain extensions have special prices too – a .IN domain only Rs 179, .ORG (Rs 224). Let’s check out!

BigRock Highlights

  • Attractive bulk registration rates
  • Useful freebies for domain name registration
  • Timely renewal reminders and expiry notifications
  • Convenient payment methods
  • Outstanding hosting services

A Detailed Review Of BigRock

Cheapest .NET domain registration at BigRock
If you are looking for a user-friendly domain registrar with an appealing outward impression, then you possibly might be put off by BigRock. This is largely due to its jumbled up homepage and very bold headlines that give users this impression of a service that’s too obsessed with aggressive marketing. However, despite all that, BigRock is a highly efficient domain registrar that promises to offer you virtually every service you may need when buying domains- all under one roof. And what’s more? You get all that at huge bargains.

About BigRock

Based in India, BigRock is a popular service that deals with domain registration, web hosting, business-class email services, provision of digital certificates, and e-commerce services. In the past few years, the company has widened its scope and now serves customers from all over the world having first started with India. Currently, BigRock hosts over 6 million domains having joined the stage in 2010. The company is part of the Directi Group of businesses.

Below are some of the key features you may want to know about BigRock:

BigRock Review


Unlike its homepage which is quite busy-looking and blaring, the admin area of BigRock is excellently organized and has easy to navigate menus to make it easy for you to manage your orders, alter your account settings, access billing info, etc. Besides, the page offers you quick links to various pages such as promotional offers, payment methods, jumping to domain, free services management, domain renewals management, etc. And the best part? You get an interactive guide that pops up from the sidebar to help you with quick answers to some of the most common queries on domain names, billing, Linux hosting, and business emails.
On the downside, however, the interface at BigRock looks generally outdated and unappealing due to its static nature. All in all, the website is entirely user-friendly and functions quite seamlessly.

Bulk domain registration and discounts

Bulk domain registration and discounts
If you’re looking for a registrar to offer you substantial discounts on bulk domain purchases, then BigRock may just be your best bet. Some of the reasons that may prompt you to make bulk domain registrations include attempts to secure certain desired domains, to increase the number of visitors via redirected domains, and attempts to take advantage of discounts for bulk domain registration.

At BigRock, six or more domains are considered to make up a bulk purchase and thus you qualify for discounts once you exceed this number. Rates drop as you purchase more domains. It’s important to mention that these discounts also depend on the type of extension you choose with the .com, .org, .biz, .co, .info, .net, and .in being among those that qualify for discounts.

Access level and delegating

BigRock doesn’t seem to offer a provision for delegation of domain management and assignment of technical access level. However, you can provide access to a third-party if having a hosting package with the company although you don’t need to provide access to your BigRock’s main account.


As mentioned earlier, BigRock offers quite a large pool of services and products right from domain registration to website maintenance. Some of the notable services that the company offer include shared hosting for Linux and Windows, Reseller hosting, and specialized hosting for WordPress, e-commerce websites, and CMS hosting.
Besides, you can access other services such as a website builder, server services (VPS hosting, security features, and business class email services. Perhaps what you will love the most among these features is the specialized hosting package. For the company’s WordPress hosting, for example, you get unlimited domains, email, and disk space which also comes with a 3-day money back guarantee.

Domain privacy

If you’re looking for a cheap domain privacy service, then you will be elated to know that BigRock offers their Privacy Protection plan for only $5.49 a year. Like in all other registrars, not all TLDs can apply the domain privacy plan due to factors beyond them such as restrictions imposed by registry operators in some regions e.g. .au, .asia. and .ca extensions and others such as and, etc.

While at the BigRock’s checkout page, you will be given an option to include the privacy protection plan in your total sum although you could still uncheck it should you feel you don’t need it.
However, it’s important to mention that this feature is quite crucial in protecting you from spammers, pranksters, and other unwelcome strangers.

Pro tip:

Watch out for domain privacy promo codes during checkout. They could help you save big.
Customer service

Are you worried about not knowing what to do while at the BigRock’s website? Well, there’s a highly responsive support team to handle all your queries and concerns. From our evaluation, BigRock has a commendable customer support system and its representatives are quite responsive and knowledgeable. Typically, it takes less than 2 minutes to connect with them via chat which is quite commendable especially when you compare this with other registrars out there.
Most representatives and associates are Indians and will answer most of the common queries such as bulk registration management and on many other general topics. While it’s rare to find no one to answer to your queries via chat, you may opt to reach them via the USA toll-free number provided or just shoot them an email.
BigRock doesn’t specify anywhere on their website that their support is available 24/7 but most are the times you will find a credible staff available to respond to you.

Pricing and domain coupons

For $9.99, you will get a simple domain registration at BigRock, two email accounts, multiple mail forwards, domain theft protection, and a free $100 value domain forwarding service.
Besides, you will also be offered a few other features for free like full access to DNS management, and private domain registration.

Regarding prices, expect to find varying quotes mainly depending on your preferred extension. However, all its domain prices are within the low to mid-range which makes it generally fair to purchase them from here. Besides the discounts offered once you buy in bulk, you can also take advantage of their occasional domain promotional prices. You will enjoy up to 1-year free renewal offer when transferring domains.

For coupons, you can visit BigRock’s Deals page to learn more about what the company is offering at that time. Occasionally, BigRock offers slashed prices for their domains and other discounts for annual registrations.

For payments, BigRock offers you a provision to use various methods including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and many other online and offline payment options.

Summary adopts a basic approach to selling its products and services which is one of the aspects that attract a majority of domain dealers to the site.
However, it’s easy to get put off by the lots of in-your-face upselling that characterizes the service’s homepage. Fortunately, there are no deceptive upsells to worry about here.
Of course, you will love the bulk domain registration rates and the responsive customer care team offered by the service.Besides, the expansive knowledge base provided by BigRock will be a huge plus for you.

So, if you’re looking for a domain name provider to help you in transfers and expansion, consider going for BigRock. You certainly won’t regret it.

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“you will be elated to know that BigRock offers their Privacy Protection plan for only $5.49 (USD) a year”
Question: do you know if that is the first year price only, or if that is the price for renewing Privacy Protection with BigRock as well?