10 factors you must consider before choosing a web hosting company

Just like other important things, deciding which web hosting company is the best for you, can indeed be difficult. With each of the companies promising to offer you unlimited resources, knowledgeable support, and 99% uptime, it can be all the more difficult to zero down on the best. However, if you consider some important factors, then taking a decision will become a lot easier.
So, let us get to discover 10 important factors to consider before Choosing a Web Hosting Company.
Factors You Must Consider Before Choosing a Web Hosting Company

1. Price

Though this is sure to top your priority list when choosing a web provider, but this alone should not influence your final decision. Do not forget the fact that you get what you pay for. Opting for the cheapest offer you can find will not necessarily prove to be a wise decision, particularly if you depend on your website to make money. Things like quality hardware and non-outsourced support are important and they cost money, and you cannot expect a $1.99 per month package to offer you anything like this.
First, you should go through the features a web hosting company offers, and then compare their prices.

2. Specialties/Area of Expertise

Not all type of web hosts can meet the needs of all types of customers. Some may have amazing shared plans but do not offer solutions that are essential for growing businesses, while others may have perfect enterprise solutions but are not the right option for someone owning a small recipe blog.
Explore the company’s area of focus or specialties, and then opt for the one that can understand and fulfill your requirements.

3. Limitations/Tech Specs

Go through your site properly and understand what exactly you expect of it. If you plan to host a e-commerce site, a blog, rich content, and videos, then opting for the cheapest hosting package you come across will not be a good idea. A low-priced hosting plan possibly will not have the RAM, disk space, and processing power, to meet your requirements, and you would ultimately have to suffer load issues or downtime problems every now and then.

Carefully go through what the cheap host is offering you, are they charging for additional domains, backups, support etc. You can call them and clear all your doubts. Tell them what you expect of your site. But do not think your site and visions will be as important to them as is to you.

4. Tech Support

This indeed is very important. When your site goes down for some reasons, you naturally would want to call a real person on phone. It is equally important that the person should be able to identify the problem and help you fix it, or at least help you know what you can do to get your site online again.

Before opting for a host, make sure to go through their customer support services. Find out the different ways you can contact them, do they offer 24/7 customer service, and do they outsource support.

5. Add-Ons/Features

This area helps you figure out why you should choose a certain company over others.
What special services does this company offer? What extra incentives are they offering that will make hosting your website with them more attractive?
Be it energy-saving practices, multiple data centers, or extra features like free domain privacy or regular data backup, hosting companies usually offers more than servers. If a certain company offers something your find important, then this can indicates that the company is apt for you.

6. Hardware

Here you will have to ask some questions and do a little reading. What types of machines are used by your hosting company?
Are they the best and the latest, or are they just created out of some chicken wire and spare parts. If your hosting company has not mentioned the type of servers they use, you should ask about the same, as hardware can have a great impact on the performance of their servers and also on your website.

7. Reputation/Satisfaction/Customer Reviews

This factor needs you to become a little creative to know the reality. You can do a Google search for any hosting company, or even search for them on Twitter. You should try to do anything you can to find out what their present and former customers have to say about them. Is their customer support department easy to get in touch with? What time do they usually take to respond to a ticket? What do they do when they find some problem with a website?

8. Email Features

You perhaps might not have even thought about this particular area. But if you suffer from a spam issue, then it can likely be because your web hosting company does not offer a proper solution to avoid or stop it. Thus, make sure to inquire about the general email practices and spam solutions offered by your company. Email is not really dead yet, so this factor cannot be avoided.

9. User Interface/Control Panel

You might not be tech-savvy at all, but even then, there are certain things like setting up email, installing WordPress and setting up FTP accounts that you must be able to do without calling the support line of your hosting company. Be sure to find out whether your provider makes use of Plesk or Cpanel to make modifications and updates easier, or are they using some clunky interface that cannot be figured out by anyone. Perhaps you yourself will be dealing with it, and if you cannot understand it, you have to be ready for a problem.

10. Room to Grow/Scalability

Last, but not the least, you must figure out if the web hosting provider fits into your future plans and needs. Basically, what you think is a good hosting service, might not prove to worthwhile enough three years from now, when you start getting really good traffic and are selling your products online. Any web-based company should make plans while thinking about their growth in the future, and if a web hosting company will not likely be able to meet your requirements then, it can be a problem.
Does your host have Dedicate Server or VPS solutions? Will it be possible for them to upgrade your account easily? To transfer from one host to another is not an easy task, it needs loads of efforts and time, and if you want to avoid this, then do scale your growth before opting for a certain web hosting company. Consider these factors, get opinions, and then decide which web hosting company is the best for you.

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