Some rules for choosing right domain names

Some Rules For Choosing Right Domain NamesBelieve it or not, for the most projects we take on – almost 99% of this – a domain is already a part of the equation. Although, there are instances where the user must come up with his own domain name for his new blog, company launch, or for a friend’s website.

Does everyone even have the skill to pick a domain name? Well, most would find this a tricky task, and that’s the reason why we’ve collected some of the most creative tips that would help you select a domain name that’s perfect for your website. Let’s start!

Brainstorm at Least 5 Keywords
Before starting a domain search, it’s advisable to have at least 5 terms or phrases that could easily describe the kind of domain you’re looking for. Upon having this list, you could be creative and try to pair them or add suffixes and prefixes that would allow you to come up with witty domain ideas.

For instance, if you’re going to launch a mortgage related domain, you could start with words, such as “finance, mortgage, interest rate, home equity, and house payment.” Play around with these keywords until you discover a good match.

Your Domain Should Be Unique
It’ll never do you any good, or make your website very successful if a lot of people would confuse your website to another site that’s owned by someone else. Considering that, never choose domain names that are the plural, hyphenated, or as silly as this may sound, the misspelled version of an already established domain.

One great example for this is the site, “Flickr” and another site, “” Just try to imagine how teenagers ask their parents to view their photos in “Flickr,” but being completely clueless, they end up at

Opt for Dot-COM Domains
First and foremost, if you’re not even concerned with any type-in traffic, then there’s no need to brand or come up with a name recognition for your domain. On the other hand, if one of your main goals is to have a very successful website, even after years, then you should also focus on these elements.
Likewise, even though directing traffic to a .ORG or .NET is alright, owning the .COM is better.

If you’re not aware, most people – except the tech-savvy ones, think that .COM is the only domain available. Thus, if you’re keeping a .ORG, while the other one has a .COM version of the same domain name you’re using, you’d instantly lose some traffic.

It Should Be Easy to Type
If your domain name is quite difficult to spell, lengthy, or a combination of unmemorable words or sounds, then most people wouldn’t even bother visiting your site. Similarly, opt for easy to type letters and avoid “Q,” “Z,” “X,” “P,” and “C.”

It Should Be Memorable
Word of mouth is one of the greatest tools that could make something popular in just a short amount of time. Your domain should have an impact to your visitors and it should be something that they could easily remember. Just think about it, who wants to own a website that no one even remembers the domain?
Even if your website is terrific, there’s a possibility that your visitors wouldn’t be able to tell this to other people, because they couldn’t even remember the domain name at all.

It Should Be Short
Aside from being easy to remember, you should ensure that your domain name is also short, because this could be a better fit for the business cards, and other offline media.

Make Sure to Fulfill Expectations
When someone hears your domain name for the first time, even if they haven’t visited your website yet, the name itself should give them an idea of what your website is all about.

Just follow the examples of,,, and you’ll see how they played with their domain name. On the other hand, if you’re going to come up with names that are similar to,, and, you’ll be required to pay more attention to your brand, because these names are quite un-intuitive.

Stay Away from Copyright Infringement
Committing this mistake is very rare, but it doesn’t mean that no one would ever accidentally commit it. At all times, it’s important to ensure that you’re not infringing anyone’s copyright and using it on your own, because this could kill a great domain, and that would be a complete waste.
By visiting the, you could always see if the domain you’re planning to buy is still available.

Set Yourself Apart with a Brand
By using a one-of-a-kind moniker, you’ll be able to build additional value with your domain name. Keep in mind, a “brand” is not just a combination of words, it’s definitely more than that. “SEO” serves as your perfect mentor that could clearly explain what you must do, and the “Dmoz” gives the association you need, allowing you to attract visitors.

Stay Away from Hyphens and Numbers
Believe it or not, both numbers and hyphens makes it hard to remember your domain name – both verbally and in written. Considering that, it’s often suggested to stay away from using numbers, roman numerals, and hyphens.
This would just confuse your visitors.

There’s No Need to Always Follow the Latest Trends
If you’re thinking that by copying the name of a popular domain, and just misspelling it, you’ll get a lot of traffic – the answer is no. Website names that rely on odd misspellings, or uninspiring short adjectives aren’t always the ideal choice.

In the world of naming, if everyone else seems to be doing, that doesn’t mean that you should be like them and do the same. Just look at those individuals who named their businesses “ABC…x” just to land on the first page of the yellow pages.
Did that make them successful? We doubt.

Utilize the Ajax Domain Selection Tool
In order to easily determine the availability of your preferred domain name, you could always use the Domjax. However, you should also keep in mind that there’s no need to buy through these services, and if the name you like seems to be unavailable, then it’s your chance to register that name and use it.

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