Chrome is planning to unveil new measures against unencrypted web

Chrome is planning to unveil new measures against unencrypted web
Chrome is seeking to take tougher measures on websites that do not use encryption. As such, expect a few changes in the upcoming version of Chrome which is set to include a new warning indicator meant to notify users about any unencrypted login sites. This information has been released by Google Security Blog.

Version 56 of Chrome, which is expected to be released in January 2017, will feature a window next to the address bar to notify users that any HTTP login pages is “not secure.” Of course, we all know that unencrypted HTTP is quite risky when used on login pages since it could allow attackers to intercept and steal away user passwords across a network.

A Google illustration showing the new Chrome warning.
A Google illustration showing the new Chrome warning.

In the same post, Google promises to devise a plan that will ultimately discourage any unencrypted web connections in future. This means that all websites, whether having login requirements or not, will need to adopt the more secure HTTPS connections failure to which visitors will be encouraged to turn to the incognito mode which promises more privacy.
Some of the key changes to come include an inclusion of a red triangle warning symbol that’s currently only used for HTTPS-enabled websites suspected to engage in irregular activities on the web.

According to Emily Schechter of Chrome Security Team, the current situation whereby HTTP connections are marked as neutral doesn’t reflect the true image of the numerous risks posed to web users by these connections. For example, hackers can easily modify or spy on you when loading a website over HTTP connections. This is a weakness that needs to be addressed urgently to curb the rampant cases of injection attacks that the world of web is currently dealing with.

In a 2015 survey, it was found out that nearly a third of all web requests were served over HTTPS. Of course, this number has certainly gone up in the past few months since following this survey.
Besides, Google has also sought to ensure encryption on nearly all its products. Indeed, reports show that nearly three quarters of requests from Google products have employed HTTPS.

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