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Invite them to join the .club.

CLUB domain nameThere’s something about membership we can’t resist. Maybe it’s the natural human urge to belong. Or the satisfaction we get from spending time with others who share our beliefs, life experiences or passions. Whatever drives us to join, now there’s a domain name just for clubs of all kinds.

One of the most popular of the new domains, .club is made especially for clubs — from golf and country clubs to soccer and book clubs. Just add your group or business name, and you have a web address that tells potential members exactly what you offer.

But dot club isn’t just for traditional clubs. Are you building an online community of customers or prospects, or just passionate about an interest or hobby? Do you own a business with “club” in its name? Consider .club for your web address. It’s perfect for:

  • Comedy clubs
  • Bars & nightclubs
  • Professional associations
  • Subscription services
  • Fan websites
  • Social media groups

Bring your community together around a great .club domain name.

Open your clubhouse to fans everywhere.

From ice hockey to fútbol, tennis to cricket, sports bring people together in every corner of the globe. Whether your team is professional or just for fun, register .club to publish season schedules, connect with fans and post game day results, photos and videos.

.club domains work equally well for neighborhood sports centers and high-end athletic clubs. Use it to fill classes and to grow your membership by making your hours, fees and offerings easy to find online.

A new hub for your loyalty program.

Retail stores have long used loyalty and affinity programs to keep customers coming back. Customers earn points for shopping at a particular store, which they can use to save money on future purchases from that retailer. The reason these programs are so used by so many companies? They work. In a Nielsen survey of 29,000 people in 58 countries, 84% said they were more likely to visit retailers with reward programs.

If your business sells products or services that must be bought repeatedly (disposable razors or food, for example) and your margin is 10% or higher, a loyalty program might make sense for you. Promote it with a .club website that complements your primary website in look and feel.

Whatever your group – hobby, sports-related, professional, retail – you can appeal to the universal urge to belong with your own .club. It’s short, memorable and meaningful.

Where is the playground for CLUB domain?

CLUB domain properly for a lot of kind businesses you are looking for such as bar club, dance club, nightclub, students’ club, entrepreneur club, players’ guitar club or much more?

Club domain was born two years ago in 2014 and until now it has hundreds of thousands of people registered this domain for their business. It more becomes friendly to everyone doing the business club, bar club.

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