Comparison of Domain Name Extensions

Comparison of Domain Name Extensions
Almost everybody today has a dream to do something on his or her own, be the boss of one’s own business and design it in his or her own way. Developing a business however is not a piece of cake and involves many factors starting from development of website at the very beginning. Today, it is very essential to have a strong online presence, as the invasion of internet in the lives of common people is overwhelming. Due to the increasing use of the World Wide Web by the all and sundry, it is easier to be noticed easily by the common mass if you are having an attractive website.

However, when you sit down to design your business website, the first job is to select the appropriate domain name at par with the nature of the business. Let us have a look at some of the important factors that you must keep in mind while choosing a domain name for your business website:

Catchy domain name catering to the business nature: This is the first link that a person will see when placed in any social media platform and quite evidently then, it has to arrest the people’s attention so that they are curious to know more about your website and business. Moreover, it must be kept simple to pronounce by the public but at the same time, giving a fair idea about what the website is all about.

Awareness about availability: Your website name must be unique in its own way or in other words, it must not have been used by any other website. You may find a bit difficult in the initial phase to choose a domain name that is available, but the trick is to include some exclusive names in order to make it click in the first go itself. Simultaneously, the relevance with the type of business should also be maintained.

Thorough knowledge of every extension: Domain extension is the technical portion involved in the selection of a domain name. The most common domain extension is obviously the famous (.COM) extension. Owing to too much usage of this particular extension, it is better to know some other extensions also such as:

(.EDU): As the very name goes, this extension is for the websites of the educational institutions. Therefore, this can be used only if your business has something to do with educating people or training people. Other than that, using it might just prove gravely misappropriate.

(.NET): Succeeds after the (.COM) extension in terms of popularity, ease of usage and effortless to remember by the common mass. This also inculcates trust and authenticity especially when it comes to business.

(.BIZ): Yes, you got it right! BIZ or the short form of business is also a domain extension today although very unfortunately, some unscrupulous techies have misused these for creating spam and obscene content containing websites. Therefore, even if you are using this for genuine business website, there are high chances of staining your website name with an unnecessary red mark due.

(.ORG): This is applicable mainly for those organizations, which are not aiming at gaining profit. In that case, if your business is solely profit-oriented, it is better to avoid giving domain name based on this extension.

(.INFO): This extension is a wonderful extension as it purely signifies websites containing information, educational content or awareness about a particular business or a product. It is always necessary to share the required information about your businesses, brands or products with the common persons or else, how would they come to know about the same? This extension can well be utilized to create your website and advertise your products or endorse your brands through the same.

After this review of the domain extensions, you have hopefully, got a brief idea about how to proceed with naming your business website now.

The rank in search engines: Search engines are the most effective forms of media today and so, the domain name should be given in such a way that it ranks high amongst the other search results and hence, the users easily notice it.

Every factor discussed above is crucial for naming a website and so, you have to make it a point to recollect all the points when you think of your website name.

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