Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Must Have a Website

Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Must Have a Website

It’s mindboggling how many small business owners haven’t considered the idea of owning a website for their ventures. We can guess. You are a busy professional and you are probably more concerned with doing the things that pay your bills.

But do you know that not having a website is making you lose potential customers? It doesn’t matter even if you have built your Facebook presence and advertised your offerings on Etsy or Instagram. The fact is you are still losing money to your competitors. Here are the reasons why owning a website can be the best thing for your business.
Let’s face it, we live in an age where people are constantly Googling before they buy anything, and visiting sites such as Yelp to read reviews before hiring a professional or buying something. Because of this, you want to ensure that your first impression is the best that it can be.

Beginning with your website, consumers pass judgments and make decisions regarding whether or not to visit your restaurant, store or office. They can dismiss you completely if they find that your website isn’t up to the standards a business like yours should offer. In other words, it’s through your website that they will decide whether to come to your place or not. If you don’t have one, your guess is as good as mine.

An online presence can do a world of good for your business

Most people find it easier to spend money with a well-known brand because they know what they’ll get. A website increases your business or brand’s perceived value, and is also a perfect tool for offering valuable information and funneling people in the direction for a call to action.

Used with Email Newsletter and Facebook, you can keep your followers in the know and regularly promote offers to them, all this at little to no expense! Be everywhere to make your presence more substantial. These days, almost everyone you know of is in Facebook!

No Website Means Losing Business

It’s now clear that without a website, you are losing out on opportunities to be found by prospective customers. But you needn’t have just any website. It’s in fact better to have no website at all than a bad website. While a complete lack of website is equivalent to missed opportunities, a bad one is even worse because it makes your business look bad. With professionally-designed websites becoming even cheaper these days, there is no excuse for not having one for your business. Get a professional to do a website for you and wait for rewards.

Social Media or Ecommerce is simply not enough

Isnt Social Media or E-commerce Enough
When getting your business started for the first time, it’s easy to decide that you simply don’t have much time or budget to run a website, which might mean that you rely heavily on social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram. Another thing could be the temptation to run sales through eBay or Etsy. While the idea looks good, there are a few drawbacks to this approach:

• You have no control over your content or approach. Your information must be formatted to conform to the platform. Selling can be challenging on third-party sites. Apart from dedicated shipping sites such as Etsy, it’s often very difficult to convert a prospective customer into a buyer since it’s not possible to include buttons that enable a sale to happen.

• Searching is hard: It’s not possible for users to find your business without a website. Shopping platforms and social media have good internal search engines, but you won’t always find their content on Google.

• You have to abide by the policies of another company: Every platform will have its restrictions regarding the type of content that you can post and the way it’s delivered to potential customers.

• You are only another profile. When relying on social media and other sales platforms, it can be hard to stand out. A website makes it easy to include personal info about yourself and your company history. Most importantly, you can tailor both the design and messaging to reflect your own values and personality.

Window Shopping Is No Longer What It Used to Be

Nowadays, people don’t have to stroll down the streets to check out stores and compare items or services being sold. With routine visits to Google, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo and other online sites, people are constantly searching where they will be making the next purchases. Ensure that your business has solid presence on these sites by having a well-designed website.
It also needs to have a presence on each of the review sites, online search engines and other online places. Apart from ensuring that your URL address is available, also make sure to include your street address, email, and phone number so that this information is easily available to potential customers.

Benefits of having a website for your business

Different Types of Websites
• All your important business information is in place. It’s critical that your customers are able to find you and also know how to contact you. Based on your business, you may also include other crucial information like location, phone number or email address and operating hours. Restaurant businesses can include information on menus, doctors can include fee structure and even insurance information among other things.

• It’s an inexpensive marketing opportunity. It’s possible that your next customer could discover you through Google. It gives you the chance to include your web site with all other marketing efforts, which include print ads, Facebook, business cards and radio.

• Make Sales Happen: A website enables you to make a sale through it, whether you provide a service or sell a product. You are in charge of how your descriptions and products appear, as well as how you deal with shipping. Depending on your budget and needs, you can start with a simple PayPal button, or even put your catalog on your site. If your company is a service-based, a website makes it easy for you to set up a scheduling and payment system for a consultant-for-hire signup page.

• Businesses can also do more with their websites, which include expanding reach and bringing in new customers. What you put on your website can only be limited by your imagination. Make your business stand out to make your customers know they are in good hands.

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