How to contact GoDaddy customer support?

GoDaddy customer is a web hosting company and seller of e-business related software. It is the largest domain distributor in the world since 2005. For users, especially international customer, the biggest hurdle with using the company’s services has been customer support.

According to the site, there is 24/7 contact available for the support system. The problem with this is that there is only one way effective method to contact customer support: calling. Considering the company provides support for customer around the world, it can be a big issue.

One of the most complained about problem is that for international customer, it is expensive to place the international call. Another issue is the problem of language barrier. When dealing with customers who do not speak English well, it can present some serious problems.
Not only does this make the customer care division almost useless for international users, but it also should be something to consider when thinking about improving the site’s services. On the bright side, the call center provides support in Spanish. But this is not nearly as effective considering there are many users who speak other languages.
In future improvements, the site should consider adding more languages in the calling support feature to improve on customer care.

This being an issue, the company recently added the e-mail contact option which has been more effective than its calling counterpart. This option is available only in specific departments, meaning there is no single e-mail for all types of inquiries.
Instead, you must contact the specific department you need to inquire about. Emailing any department stating your problem will still give you answers.

The e-mail support system conducts an inter-departmental cross checking regarding your e-mail, and if you had not contacted the correct department, you will be e-mailed the correct address for the appropriate department you need to contact.

The e-mail addresses for the different departments include:
[email protected]: hosting related problems (proven)
[email protected]: auction related problem help (verified)
[email protected]: solving the problems related to affiliates (verified)

[email protected]
[email protected]: payment issues support for issues
[email protected]

Most of the e-mail inquiries will be replied to within 24 hours.
This is a more effective way to contact the web’s customer care support center because of the fast turnaround and effective help it provides. Compared to calling which has language barrier and cost issues, especially for international users, e-mail has been more effective with international users.

For most international users who have utilized e-mailing the company instead of calling, they have reported that the system is more effective and less costly than it is to call. The only problem with it is that the customer must navigate his or her way through the site to the specific department in order to obtain their email address. The site should make it easier by listing all e-mails in one area rather than leaving them scattered. Or they can provide a general support e-mail for all inquiries and then distribute the inquires to concerned departments. This will make it easier for customers looking for support services by having a more streamlined system.

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