Why you need to consider creating an online presence?

Why you need to consider creating an online presenceToday, more and more working class population are ditching their typical 9-5 jobs as they search for jobs that offer them a more improved balance between work and personal life. This is why freelancing and contract services are rapidly taking over the employment sector since they offer more mobility and freedom to many people.

The Freelancers Union and Upwork sponsored a survey in 2015 where they found out that 53 million, which translates to roughly 34% of the U.S working class, are freelancers. The study covered casual workers, freelancers on a part-time basis, and independent contractors among others. Therefore, Americans are opting for modern ways of making extra money which include freelancing on a full-time or part-time basis as a way of income generation.

However, as much as there are numerous advantages associated with easy selection of ones preferred jobs and the flexibility that comes with freelancing, there are several disadvantages that make the profession quite volatile. Lack of monthly income and benefits such as paid holidays as well as difficulty accessing mortgages and auto loans are challenges associated with freelancing due to irregular salaries. Another significant disadvantage is the competition related to freelancing where one has to compete with others for the same jobs and projects.

Besides, it can be hard to convince some potential clients that your services are worth the prices you charge yet this is what largely determines whether you will achieve success or not.

This is Why You Need to Have a Personal Website

A powerful online presence is an amazing way of creating trust with the would-be clients. This is because it serves as the tool that will boost your chances of securing a contract or job. Here are some of the diverse ways that a personal website could help you as a freelancer.

Showcasing your portfolio

Potential clients will be in a better position to view your work and experience through a personal website. Indeed, writers could create a blog. Graphic designers could showcase some of their galleries while consultants could keep an updated list of their past projects.

Benefit drom organic search

Personal freelancing websites not only help connect you with potential clients but it also boosts your chances of being found on Google search. When customers are looking for someone with the experience you supposedly have, there’s a high chance of Google organic search picking up on your website since personal sites bear information about your location, expertise, and skills.

A custom domain is easy to acquire

You may not want the hustle associated with creating a website from scratch. As such, you can easily create a custom URL that directs potential clients to a profile of your choice. The profile could be LinkedIn, Upwork, About me page, or a free website like Wix. This way, you can easily create a professional image to your potential clients and consequently improve your chances of getting hired.

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