What is domain authority?

domain authority
If you are blogger, then you must have already come across the term Domain authority. If you are yet to come across it, then don’t worry. I have come up with a complete guide on what is Domain authority and how it impacts your blog. However, before we go into details, first, we need to understand how domain authority can influence the success of your blog.

Years back, websites and blogs were measured based on page rank. However, as times passed, there was need to improve SEO practices and that is when Google decided to change their algorithm. Today, domains are usually judged based on their domain authority and page authority rather than page rank. This is the main reason you are likely to find a blog having a very high ran but poor DA or you may also find one having a good DA but a poor ranking. In the long run, you will come to realize that the latter will most likely be preferred over the other one. This is in consideration of the fact that it is more trustworthy and reliable than the one with a poor DA.

What is Domain Authority?

It is well know that SEO is the backbone for any blog. In order to improve fair SEO practices, MOZ (SaaS Company) decided to introduce the concept of domain authority for the first time. According to this concept, every website is judged on a scale of 1-100. In this case, 100 denote the best while 1 denotes the worst. What this means is that websites with a higher DA are usually considered more SEO optimized and usually rank higher on search Engines. The catch here should be you need to understand that DA is regarded as a parameter or competitive metric through which you can compare your blog to that of competitors and direct your strategies accordingly.

How to determine domain authority?

A number of bloggers have been concerned on how to determine domain authority. You can take this a collective result of over 40 different parameters such as linking root domains, back-links etc. You can also mention that the more back-links or linking root domain your blog has the higher your domain authority is likely to be. You should also be aware that the quality of back-links sending traffic juice to your website also matters especially as far as its ranking and domain authority is concerned.

How can you check your domain authority?

facebook DA
There are several domain Authority Checkers today. These are often used to check the domain authority of your blogs. So far, the best domain checker is Moz open site explorer. You can enter the URL of your blog on this checker and check its DA score. Apart from showing the DA score, Moz will also show you the list of inbound links that send traffic juice to that particular blog. This can help in determining whether your blog is getting traffic juice from any bad link or not.
DA Inbound links of FB
Just like domain authority, another interesting term is Page Authority. This measures a particular page authority similar to that of a domain.

How to improve the domain Authority of your blog?

Once you have understood the concept of domain authority, it is now time to shift your focus towards improving the DA of your blog. This is not a one day thing. However, if you follow the tips below, you will eventually be able to improve the DA of your blog.

Quality and Quantity of back-links

First and foremost, you need to understand that the number of back-links to your blog really matters. The more the back-links to your blog the higher it’s DA. However, while you are considering adding more back-links, it is imperative that you also focus on the quality of the back-links. Remember, if your site gets traffic juice from 10 different domains 8 of which carry bad DA score, the overall DA of your blog will not improve. In order to avoid such situation, try to maximize of quality back-links. If you are not that familiar to blogging, you can always be commenting on other blogs found in the same niche. This way, you will be able to attract more traffic juice. You can also request other experienced bloggers to let you write guest posts on their platforms and get back-links in return. In the long run, you will start seeing an increase in traffic juice.

Quality of the content

Shift your focus towards becoming an authoritative source in your niche. Remember you can only achieve this by writing quality content. You should never compromise quality over quantity. It is even better if you consider writing only 3 posts every week, as long as they are of supreme quality.

Internal linking

Sometimes, getting back-links can be such a hassle especially when you start blogging. However, you can always give internal links to your blog posts without any trouble.

Get rid of bad links

As your blog continues to grow, the number of bad back-links attached to it also tends to increase. It is very important that you get rid of those bad back-links as son as possible. You can also make use of monitor back-links service to keep an eye on any spam link that attempts to connect to your blog. There is also another tool called Google Disavow which helps to get rid of bad links.

Make use of social media campaigns

People will never know of the existence of your blog until you publicize it. social media marketing is one of the revolutionary methods of marketing and you are able to reach a large number of people within a short time. Make use of social media to improve your DA score with time. Ensure you promote your blog on different platforms whenever you can.


Therefore, if you are planning to consider blogging as a full time career, it is high time you learn about DA. With the tips above, your domain authority is going to improve exponentially. In case you don’t understand anything or you find difficulty doing any of the above things, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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