A detailed guide to completing a domain backorder process

domain backorderLife can be unfair sometimes. Let’s have a look at this sample situation for example. Suppose you have this perfect business idea and want to set up a website for it. Then just as you go to purchase a domain name, it dawns on you that the domain is already taken by someone else. What’s next?

Well, you don’t need to give up on your chase. Reason? In the same manner new domains are registered on a daily basis, so do numerous other expire. What this means is that you still have an opportunity to snatch up your favorite domain if the webmaster currently having it intentionally or unintentionally fails to renew it. This is a process known as domain backorder process. What you need is to place a tentative hold on a particular domain that’s nearing expiration which then gives you an edge over others should the owner fail to renew its membership.

Domain Backorder Process- How The Process Works?

Whenever you try to search for an already registered domain name, you can often see an option where you’re allowed to initiate a backorder on that domain. If it happens that the owner fails to renew its membership, then a 77-day expiration period commences. However, the initial owner of the domain still has the capability to renew it before it can be released officially to the market. Once this grace period is over though, the backorder process begins.

For a registrar such as Name.com, only one backorder can be placed on a domain at a time although that doesn’t guarantee that whoever has made that order gets the domain once it expires. The reason given for this is that the domain may be subject to other bids from other registrars out there.

Purchasing A Domain Backorder

How do I purchase a backorder
Say you want to get a particular domain and upon searching finds that someone else has registered it. The first thing to do is to find out whether there is another webmaster has a backorder placed on it. If you’re lucky and find that no one has, then you just need to add it to the cart and proceed to the checkout. You will then pay a fee that includes the domain costs which therefore means you have nothing to worry about as far as domain renewal fees are concerned.
However, suppose that particular domain is won by someone else or if you decide that you no longer need that domain, then you will be refunded the full amount.

If you are using Name.com to place your backorder, all you need to manage your orders is to sign in to your account and choose the “Deleting Domains Management” which is falls under the “My Account” tab. While here, you can view all your backorders by searching using relevant keywords. If you also feel like you no longer require any of them, just go ahead and cancel your backorder.

How To Cancel A Domain Backorder?

How To Cancel A Domain Backorder
Just as explained above, you will need to visit your account and go to “Deleting Domains Management” section. While here, just press the “Cancel” button allocated next to the domain name you want to remove from your list of backordered domains.

However, for successful canceling of a domain backorder, it is important that you do it 72 hours before that domain is made available to the market.

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