6 top domain extensions for fine arts enthusiasts

Domain extensions for fine arts enthusiastsDo you fancy art and would like to share your passion on the web? We have some great news for you today. This is because you now have a broad range of domains to choose from when seeking to register a new domain for your online space.

As such, we believe the following six unique domains will help you celebrate fine arts more whether you are into films, live bands, music, dance, or video production among others.


This is an excellent choice of domain for anyone who wants to get recognition on the acting stage. With this domain, you are better placed to develop your acting career, show off your portfolio, or even win gigs and other acting opportunities. Besides, you can use your .ACTOR domain to create and operate fan sites for your preferred celebrities in the film and TV industries.


If you have a passion for fashion and would like to pursue it, then acquiring a .FASHION domain may just be the best decision you can make. As such, you may consider using this domain to set up a personal fashion blog, use it for your apparel store, or just forward it to your Pinterest board to show off your outfits and designs.


Do you love taking part in dances or perhaps just fancy hip hop or pointe dance styles? Well, how about acquiring a .DANCE domain to set up a website where you honor some of the latest dance styles, blog about dancing and styles, or just use it to forward your URL to dance videos on your YouTube channel? Awesome, right?


If you are into photography as a profession or just have a hobby in the activity, you might want to get your .PHOTOGRAPHY domain. With it, you can showcase your latest portfolio create a website or email addresses to reach out to fans or potential clients, or just use it to inform your clients about your photography rates.


Are you planning to set up a small videography business in your locality and want to look like a professional? Consider acquiring a .FILM domain that offers you a less crowded online space to advertise your products and services while also showcasing your expertise to visitors and potential clients. Besides, you are better placed to get your preferred domain name since there’s very little competition on this domain.


If you are a musician, a music lover, or a composer, then be on the lookout for when the .MUSIC domain will be released. This will help you share your passion with the other like-minded individuals on the web. As such, you can use the domain to highlight your music tour, a release of an album, or advertise a live event.

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