How your domain name will impact SEO & Social media marketing

For those who are thinking of starting a site, the initial step is to choose a domain name depending on your needs. This will have a huge impact on the success or failure in almost every area, such as social media marketing, and even SEO. That being said, allow us to delve deeper, and see how it impacts SMM and SEO. Likewise, let’s also analyze the most important factors that you have to familiarize yourself.
How Your Domain Name Will Impact SEO & Social Media Marketing

Should You Consider a Keyword Domain?

A lot of SEO experts believe that domains containing targeted keyword are the best choice, especially if you want to improve the CTRs and achieve higher rankings in major search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, and the like. Allow us examine this technique and see if it’s still effective or not.

A lot of SEO experts would prefer exact match domains. These domains are the exact match of the keyword that’s being targeted. For instance, those who are trying to rank on buy green widgets, it’s advisable to consider the domain, “” Here are the advantages of this:

  • The existence of the keyword in one’s domain can be classified as a ranking factor. Likewise, this also encourages other marketers to incorporate the phrase anchor text during backlinking.
  • Though, if you’ll consider the changes made in Google, especially the EMD updates, you’ll discover that these aren’t as beneficial as they once are. Based on surveys, the from 13.4 the EMD went to 26.

Considering this, a lot of SEO experts feel that EMDs may become less important in the near future. However, this doesn’t imply that you should ignore or completely abandon keyword domains. Though, what it means is that, this shouldn’t be your prime factor when selecting a domain.

Utilizing Keyword Domains to Improve CTR

There are cases wherein a domain can actually improve the click-through rates not only on ads, but SERP listings as well.

A study made by Memorable Domains showed that ads that have a generic domain has better performance as compared to identical ads that only have generic or non-generic domain names.

For instance, for “” the alternative generic can be, “” and for a non-generic it can be, “” If you’ll pay close attention, the “ appears to be relevant in the query, while the seems to be very generic.

So, is this capable of supporting the premium or EMD domain? Based on studies, domain names have impact on SEM campaigns, wherein ads, such as has gained a 298% higher CTR as compared to ads with display URLs, such as Though, users ought to know that this survey was based from 34 clicks– which isn’t enough to measure the accurate performance of domains.

That being said, is it safe to assume that the CTR has the perk of buying premium domain? Allow us to discuss some of the most important factors that you must consider.

First, what is search volume?

Search volume utilizes Google’s keyword tool as a way determine the search volume for the respective keyword.

What’s the cost of this?

Most of the popular domains are already unavailable and it’s impossible to obtain them anymore because of that. Not just, that, it can be very expensive as well.

Was the extension a .com?

For instance, a .info is less valuable as compared to a domain.

What is More Essential than Keyword? Selecting a Brandable Domain

For those who are not aware, a brand name that matches the target keywords has a number of benefits. Though, aside from that, there’s another important factor that should be taken into consideration– the popularity of the domain name you’re going to choose.

The brand is very essential, and the domain name serves as a foundation where the online brand must be created. This is how your potential customers will find you and the domain name will encourage the to share, remember, and easily identify what your company is all about.

Even though some marketers believe that search engine optimization solely focuses on the links and keywords, it’s more than that. The truth is, Google prefers brands, and to support that, the Google SEO Eric Schmidt said that brands are considered to be the solution, and not the problem. Wherein, the possible brands will allow you to classify the cesspool and it’s very important to human existence. Which only implies that, it wouldn’t go away any time soon.
The initial step in brand building a brandable domain.

7 Tips for Selecting a Brandable Domain

Here are some of the factors that must be considered when determining a domain.

1. Choose a .com extension. Oftentimes, the .com is the highly preferred choice you could ever make. Why?
Obviously, a .com is the standard extension everyone is familiar of. Likewise, most users have the assumption that a company’s website usually ends with a .com, and not something else.

2. Be memorable. It’s important that the users will easily find your brand or domain name. If you want to have a long-lasting mark on how others see your brand, you should make it a point that they can easily remember you.

3. Be relevant. It wouldn’t hurt if you’ll conduct some research in order to ensure that it will let you convey the desired message. The easiest way to test this is through the use of Amazon Mechanical Turk. Run some surveys and see if the response will be positive.

4. Easy to spell. Make it a point that it’s easy to spell. Stay away from commonly misspelled words.

5. Be authoritative. Your domain should sound like everyone can trust you.

6. The shorter, the better. The domain name should be short and simple.

7. Be unique. If you want to succeed, you should ensure that the domain name you’re going to use is unique, and not something that has been used before.

How to Select the Best Domain Name

Although picking the most ideal domain isn’t an easy task at all, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Here are some of the essential steps that can help you find the perfect domain.

Use existing words. is a good example of domain name that was made with the use of existing words. The thesaurus will help you find the perfect words for a domain name.

Create new words. A lot of popular websites were created using new words.

Portmanteaus should be considered.

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