Domain parking – How you can make money out of it?

Many people out there don’t know what domain parking is actually about. You can try explaining it to them, but you are bound to lose them when you start talking about making profits while selling these domains. If you are part of this group my friend rest assured that this article will show you what this subject is about and how you can make the most of it.
Domain parking – How you can make money out of it?

When to begin domain parking

In most cases, domain name buying starts right before building a website. You might find that, some people buy several domain names. Such an individual takes this course of action because he/she hasn’t made any final decisions on the names they want to use for their website and they don’t want others buying in while decisions are being made. Most buyers will find a certain period of time when the domain they bought lies without an actual website. This is usually the best time for buyers to park their domains.

How to go about parking a domain

Domain parking is just like parking a car. You have a domain, but it just lies there never been used. Parked domains are different because you can choose whether to monetize them or not. A non monetized domain will simply show visitors an Under Construction’ or Coming Soon’ message every time a person types your domain name in their browser. Monetized domains show visitors a temporary website which has ads displayed.

This is how domain parking works:

Register the domain
Start by testing the domain’s traffic. A key component to keep in mind is that domain parking companies prohibit the promotion or advertising of any domains that are parked. You cannot advertise parked domains. It is because of this that you need to ensure the domain is already getting high traffic before you choose to monetize it.

Register with a domain parking company
Clearly, this step needs to be taken only when you have verified that your domain is getting a fair amount of the traffic you projected. You should follow the instructions provided on how to use the parking service.

A useful tip would be to make the ads that appear on your parked domain relevant to the domain name. This tip can be especially useful to those parking the domain temporarily with plans of using it for an actual site in the future. The advertisements should relate to what you are going to post on that website in the future.

Earning money through your parked domain: how it’s done
An everyday internet user types the name of your domain into their browser. This action leads him to the web page which has ads and links. He finds an ad or link he is interested in and clicks it. This action can lead to earns for the owner of the site where the link or ad leads. This owner will then pay the parking company a stipulated amount after which it is shared with you. Voila! You earn a few bucks!

Choosing the domain name you want for parking

It may be difficult knowing right away whether a certain domain is best for parking. You will have to go through a verification process first. So you want to buy a domain? You might want to use it for your site or just want to hold it so that others don’t purchase it. Whatever your reasons, the following info will help you make sure you can use that domain for parking purposes:

Determine your niche/role and its staying power
Having a niche provides you and your business with a focus. You will have to ensure the niche you choose has a lasting appeal if you want your business to succeed. The same goes for domain parking. The particular niche you choose should have lasting appeal. This quality will help you make the most out of it.

Create topics relevant to your particular niche
Basically, if you end up choosing a niche like technology, your list of topics could have things like phones, tablets, desktops, cable, etc. The more relevant your topics are, the better for you.

Identify popular keywords for each topic
You can do this using a tool like Google Keyword Tool. Start by creating a separate list containing keywords which pack a mean punch. These are keywords with the highest search volume. They usually hold the highest advantage as domain names.

Check for any available domains based on the keywords listed
You can check for available domains using services such as Domaintyper or Make a list of the shortest domain names with .com extensions (one-word domains should be your first choice). Pro tip: Shorter names are more memorable and hold higher chances of attracting more traffic.

Choosing your preferred parking company

It is a good, great even, idea to register with two or three parking companies. Buyers are lucky this field is highly competitive making one’s options endless. You may want to work with any of the following professionals:


SedoSedo is a good starting point. Buyers can park their domains for weeks on end while getting the chance to gauge their domain’s performance. Adjusting your layouts or switching keywords at this point can help you improve performance (if necessary).


VoodooVoodoo offers some of the highest payouts. Voodoo also offers Auto Optimization. Auto optimization is a process that determines the layout and the best keywords for your domain. You can customize your domain manually if you don’t like this auto setup.


DomainSponsorThis one is known for promoting the Zero-click Model and foreign traffic. This brand was assembled by, the brains behind Lawrence Ng the individual who received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. DomainSponsor has helped in monetizing more than 2 million domains. There is no reason your domain shouldn’t join the list.

In closing, I hope you have marked all the important tips along the way. You can add this one to your list when it comes to domain parking: avoid blacklisted domains. These are impossible to monetize. Tools such as the Google Blacklist Tool will help you find out whether a particular domain is still good for use or if it is not worth your time. Last but not least, always look at domain investments as losses up to the point you earn profits from them. Therefore, make sure you never end up spending more than what your budget requires you to.

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