Do’s and don’ts of securing a domain name

securing a domain name
Going through the world of getting a domain name can be a tiresome work especially if you are not aware of how to purchase one. This fact can be especially true given the fact that there are a number of companies that host out there and you can easily get tired or worse still make a mistake of choosing the wrong one ultimately crippling your business.

The following are some of the Do’s and Don’ts from some of the experts and business owners in the market which can help you secure a domain name for your company


Include the Location or the Keyword if its Possible
According to Jean Bedford, a consultant in Silicon Valley and an author, you may have to include the location into your domain name especially if your business mainly deals with geographic region. Mikalai Krivenko an experienced business man advices that you should always consider including the paramount keyword in the “domain name.” This is the only way that it is going to guarantee that you optimize your SEO and that your company will always appear on top of the searches that relate to it.

You should be Registered as the Domain Name Owner
It is imperative that you ensure that whoever registers the domain name includes you as the owner under your name. This will be a clear indication that you are the proprietor of this particular domain and the administrative contact. This can be compared to a property whereby if you are not the legal owner of the property you have not rights of selling it.

A good real life case study is the case of Graham Hunt, 44, who was a real estate owner called Valencia Property back in Spain back in the year 2000. He hired a two people to carry out web design for him. However, soon these two people separated and he was forced to choose one of them. Unfortunately, he later came to realize that the one he did not selected had listed himself as the owner of that domain hence that meant that he was not the sole owner of his own website. The battle to own the site took at least 3 years which ended with him paying the displeased partner nearly $6,000 in commission for the sales in order for him to get the ownership for the domain which had originally cost only $15.

Remember to renew the domain name registration
Nick Hoffmann, 32, who is a chief operating officer for an aftermarket marketplace for domains, learnt the hard way that it is important to renew your company’s domain name. In the year 2000, he forgot to renew his company’s domain name and within a short time, his business was crippling below. The name he had got was brought by somebody else and the fact that he did not have any access to his emails through the site, he ended up losing most of his client’s contacts.
Today, Hoffmann advices that you should buy a registration which lasts between five to ten years upfront or better still set up an yearly auto renew payment. During this time, you should always make sure that your credit card which is registered on the file does not expire. This might make you vulnerable to losing your domain name.


Never use Abbreviations, Numbers or Even Dashes
Instead of employing abbreviations, numbers or even dashes, use a catchy name which is not hard to remember and it should also be captivation for the business. Fan Bi who is one of the people who co-founded Blank Label which is an online custom dress company learnt this after he decided to settle for which was much cheaper when they were starting their business settling at $250 compared to which went for $15,000.
With time, he decided he wants to shift to after discovering that hyphenated name was not what he wanted to boost his sales. After negotiating with the domain owner for some time, he managed to purchase for $6,000 and three months later after that change his web traffic had shot up to 25%.

Never Waste your Money on Extension Other than .com
When you decide to register a domain name, there will be many options to choose from. Do not go for other versions or .net. This is not necessary for small business. This can only be important if you are trying to protect your trademark or when you think that someone is trying to take your .net version before you do. The reality behind this is that you will be forced to reimburse for each of those extensions. The true value is in the .com.

Purchase a Domain without Verifying its Past
Remember even domains have legal issues especially if they have a similar name to another company’s trademark.

Apart from going for a legal consultation, you can visit This site often lists a number of registered domain names and other possible legal issues related to the domain name. According to Rose, this site also contains a number of expired domains which could be purchased and you can also learn some of the problems that come with the name. For instance if the previous holder of that domain violated some of the Google terms and they were banned from the Google searches you should known before you decide to invest in the name.

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