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Bluehost or DreamhostSelecting the best webhosting company is one crucial thing for any blogger. A good webhost ensures that your website remains upbeat and that you don’t require seeing any technical hassles like hacking or managing hosting space. It is therefore narrative to know the best one to use and one you can rely on efficiently. Two of the best webhosting companies that bloggers can use to meet all their web hosting needs include DreamHost and BlueHost. Both companies provide unlimited resources and are ideal for hosting all WordPress sites. However, the main difference comes in support and pricing.

BlueHost Review

BlueHost is one of the best webhosting companies, as rated by many people. Established in the year 1996, the company has been providing all types of site solutions since and is now one of the top most hosting answers. Its major features include unlimited domain hosting, free domain for about 12 months, $100 Google advertising offer, secure shell, unlimited email accounts, unlimited GB file transfers, GB hosting space and CGI.

Ease of Use
BlueHost does an excellent job in webhosting. It uses a customized version cPanel that has a simple user interface. This company enables you to access all hosting settings like PHP, database, server settings and many more. It is also one of the providers, which give a blogger free SSH panel. In addition, the cPanel offers simple CMS configurations and allows you to install any ecommerce and CMS systems on your domain.

Customer support
BlueHost harbors good client support. At BlueHost, you can contact their customer care agents through live chat, telephone or email. Their prompt in replies to telephonic and email is fast and troubles are sorted in less than thirty minutes. This is also the main reason why BlueHost Webhosting Company has been able to survive for over 18 years in market. The company would not have made it that far if their customer support was less better.

BlueHost as a Hosting Provider
BlueHost is a web hosting corporation most especially optimized for WordPress. Its servers are greatly optimized and 99.99% up time is assured. The servers also remain integral even when traffic is high. All WP plugins and theme take part effortlessly and brings no strains to the servers. All this is because BlueHost servers are forever updated using the latest technology. For that reason, WordPress has advocated this web hosting company for creating blogs using their CMS.

The Bad
As with every other product, BlueHost has its faults too. Due to its recognition, the company has grown a bit ignorant, they are a little pricy, their live chat is only limited to members and finally, they don’t offer you cPanel server manager. Instead, you get a server manager created by customizing the cPanel

Just like all companies, BlueHost has its flaws, but according to most clients, it is the most trustworthy company. It possesses a satisfactory factor, which other web hosting companies just don’t possess. It is fast and reliable and worthy of the price.

DreamHost Web Hosting Review

DreamHost plan is considered the cheapest plan provided to clients. The company has all basic features one could expect from a top-level hosting company. They include, unlimited domain hosting facility, unlimited disk space, bandwidth and resources, totally wordpress optimized, backed by ninety seven days, PhP5, ruby support and enterprise level support system.

DreamHost Hosting Usability
DreamHost panels are custom-made too, but cPanel are not currently provided. The panels are easy to use and work equally well. All useful stuff are available ina single menu and hence, this makes it much easier to host websites and blogs via the control panel. You may also check upgradation plans, domain page and others through the panel. It is an area where you can install CMS packages like Zen Cart, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal too. Signing up to get the service is a simple and you simply have to put in your domain name and few other details.

Customer Support
The main thing that rates an excellent company is its exemplary customer support method. DreamHost has good but slow customer support. They have all expected response channels except for that small catch. The good thing about this company is the presence of DreamHost Wiki. It is an area where you can easily get your answers.

DreamHost Speed
DreamHost has decent speed. The speed is relatively in par with many other web hosting companies. DreamHost levels down about 30 times in a thousand loads. This number is very small and therefore does not affect your experience. The server reply time for DH servers are about 1040 milliseconds, which is minute to other companies. The speed offered by DH servers is fine, hence it gives a plus score.

WordPress Optimized
DreamHost packages are often WordPress optimized and awesomely sustains just a click WP installation. It is one of the best WordPress running web hosts presented online and works like charm. It has never disappointed a client, a fact that raises its growing demand. Errors are minimal too.

DH gives decent web hosting. It provides free webmail service and much more. It is also one of the fastest popular and growing web hosting brands. If you desire good servers that have good customer care, opt for DreamHost. Apart from negative facts, such as ill-timed power outages and slow customer support, DreamHost has it all for a new client. This company is also rated highly by its clients.


Both web hosting companies are good. They offer 24/7 multiple online resources and technical support for any assistance clients may need. BlueHost provides free assistance to their customers through email and phone. On the other hand, DreamHost offers free paid support through phone and free support through email. In addition to this, they have a broad set of video tutorials.

If you as the blogger are looking for the right web hosting company, then you don’t need to check anywhere else. Check out DreamHost and BlueHost. You can never go wrong when you select the two companies. That is why they are both on the same level. There is no absolute winner between the two.

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