Exabytes Singapore Reviews and Coupon Codes

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Exabytes Singapore Reviews and Coupon Codes

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Exabytes Singapore Reviews

Expert Overview – Exabytes Singapore Office

Exabytes has finally decided to take their two main locations. This is in Malaysia and Singapore. They have also been broken down into different hosting companies. They are almost similar in every way. However, since the two are different sites, we will need to have two different reviews for them. This first review belongs for the Popular Singapore office. Exabytes is a hosting company that was launched in 2001.

Their Malaysian company is popular for being the best hosting company in Singapore since 2005. This company is also making the same effort to ensure that they achieve the same level of success in Singapore. Exabytes remains one of the largest hosting providers today in Singapore. It has thousands of happy clients running different types of sites. The company offers a number of hosting solutions and other services such as mobile site builders, SEO tools, site lock to protect pages and many more.

Uptime and Reliability – Good Stable Hosting

This company operates from a a very modern data center with redundant network connections and power supplies. In addition to that, they also make use of quality hardware mostly from Dell which is configured using RAID to avoid downtime due to hardware failure. The uptime guarantees depends on your service subscriptions.
For instance, the dedicated servers come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee and a 99.95 server uptime guarantee. In my opinion, these guarantees are slightly high and above average and are therefore a good indication that the stability of the hosting is really good.

Features – Plenty of Hosting Features

The hosting package with this company comes with all the standard features you would expect from a hosting provider but again, that includes some nice extras to accompany it. their shared hosting solutions are often broken down into a number of different categories which includes student and business options. They also have limits on things like disk space and bandwidth but the limits are at least reasonable. As for them, the lowest level option has 1 gig of disk space which is not bad at all.
However, the bandwidth is also limited to one gig which is pretty low. If you decide to take a large shared hosting package, then you are going to enjoy bandwidth and more disc space. For instance for 2 gigs of space, you are likely to get 10gigs of bandwidth.

Fortunately, the VPS solutions all have very high limits which are 25+ gigs of disk space this is extremely nice. Oddly enough, they also limit the bandwidth based in speed rather than total monthly throughput. When it comes to speed, you are limited to 1 MBPS on their VPS servers which should be more than enough. When it comes to the memory, it ranges from a half a gig up to 1.5 gigs which is about the standard for normal VPSs.

If you are in need of a large and powerful server, then you should go for the dedicated servers. These servers have several ideal packages. They make use of Raid Configurations for the hard drives which is ideal for the reductions of downtime risk due to drive failure. They also include an unlimited data transfer, 2 dedicated IP addresses and a software firewall among many other things. Apart from the hosting services, they also offer site building tools, SEO boosting and many more.

Pricing – Nice pricing with some concerns

When it comes to pricing, they have some of the best prices in the market today. Their shared hosting starts very low especially if you are able to make the annual subscriptions instead of the monthly one. As you move up, you will realize that their prices remain below the industry average so price should be the least of your concern when working with this company.
Unfortunately, this company has a setup fee for their dedicated servers. This is something of the past considering the industry is moving towards making this a standard thing which is free. We really hope they will part with this fee soon.

Summary – Overall Good Quality Hosting

This hosting with this company is undisputed very good. In fact, if I compare with other companies in Singapore, it remains one of the best. They have a number of options for their customers and most importantly, they have good reviews from their previous and current customers.
This is good thing for their reputation. If you need hosting in Singapore, consider Exabytes as your company of choice.

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