Five Key Elements To Consider When Purchasing A Domain Name

Five Key Elements To Consider When Purchasing A Domain Name
Picking a perfect domain name for your site or business is one of the most important parts of your online business success. Several factors affect the quality of your domain name; hence, by taking into account several elements from the onset, you can position yourself well to get an ideal premium domain name.
Below are some of the key guidelines that can help you pick the right domain name.

  • Keep both your domain and brand together.
  • Guard your brand by buying other names closely related to your current domain name.
  • Make the name unforgettable.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes.
  • Opt for singular domain names.
  • Use short, catchy, and precise names.
  • Avoid using hyphens and numbers.
  • Remain significant to your goods and services.
  • Try your best to use the .com extension.
  • Don’t settle for non-premium domain names.

Remember that the online industry is volatile, and these things can change at any given time.
Therefore, when creating a domain name look at the following key points to help you choose correctly.

Focus on your Locality

If your business is in a local place, try to create your domain name around the name of the location. Domains such as can help you target area locals. Also, it’s not easy to forget such names as they remain relevant to the site, services, or products. Taking this approach can leave a lasting impact on the way search engines rank you. Clients searching for dealers hauling services in your location will click on your link since you offer what relevant to them.

Research Widely

As a website owner, take some time to research on the name so that you don’t land into trademark and copyright issues. Also, check the background of the domain name and ensure it has never been managed by questionable individuals or involved in crooked deals. You’ll find that some domain names owned by these people have numerous links that emanate from unreliable sources. In such a case, it could be difficult to get rid of the links, redeem your reputation, and begin ranking well in the search engines.
Likewise, you could also get a domain name that already has some valuable links in which case you make use of that to jumpstart your company.

The Name Should be Easy to Pronounce

Having a short and memorable domain name is okay; however, all the value will be lost if your prospects cannot pronounce the name. Ever since the days of old, word of mouth has always been a powerful tool and it can impact on your company when people get referrals to your website: it must be a name that they can pronounce easily. The pronunciation of a name affects your brand: therefore, you need a key for pronunciation, then know you’ve gotten it all wrong. Clients get bored attempting to figure out how they will pronounce the name or even remember the website. In most cases, that is how people miss out on attracting or retaining customers.

Never Force Keywords, But Don’t Leave Them Out

Keywords have an impact on the domain name and play a significant role in the way the search engines rank you. Although Google doesn’t place too much emphasis much on the exact match keywords like before, use it as the best strategy to target the prospect. If a user was searching for particular words, they are most likely to notice your website if the words and phrases they are looking for, appear in bold in your domain name. Again, remember you could be offering multiple services and products and if the keyword does not capture all aspects of the business, better avoid it and look for another one.

Try Word Associations

If the keywords are not the best option for your company, you can consider an association with the keyword. It is an effective strategy you can use to boost your domain name authority in the industry.
For example, if you want to sell shoes on the internet, consider a domain name like although it does not leave any room for creative branding or marketing. You must avoid fitting in as many names as possible to leave an impact and go for something that is related to the industry, services, or products although not directly linked to the keyword.

Something like would sound appropriate as it brands the business while still being related to the products in the industry. Look for a name that does not lose its relevance or is too open ended as there could be many more others out there offering similar services and products.


In conclusion, there are many elements linked to the ideal domain name for business. You should research and find out other useful variables that we may not have exhausted here. Meanwhile, keep these guidelines as you consider getting yourself started. Make the right choices from the beginning, and you’ll not have problems, no matter how volatile the search engine industry is nowadays.

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