Genesis framework review

Genesis Framework ReviewThis is a computer application that empowers one to quickly build incredible websites-word press facilitates the creation. It help secure the website and provide a search engine with optimized foundation, genesis is a system produced by word press. In accessing the genesis theme frame work, you can buy a copy right package, an example is the pro plus package.

The pro plus package gives you unlimited access to child themes among other features. Many people tend to ask what child theme is and the benefits that come with the theme; this is an application that allows you to instantly update how your websites looks like. However, the SEO and Genesis functionality remains intact; they can only be changed by contacting the content management system. This is to enhance tight security of your website from hackers or other individuals with wrong intentions.

Theme settings

The genesis page comes with different theme options such as colour, through the click of a button; you can add a custom feed, default a theme or change the colour style of your website. That notwithstanding, breadcrumbs can be inserted automatically in your website page. Footers scripts as well as headers are easy to put, thanks to the Genesis theme framework.

Word press sites are at times vulnerable to hacking. This can in some instances cause bad reputation or one to incur an extra cost. However, the worry is now gone, the genesis theme frame work allows for constant updating-you are thus in check with your websites. In addition to that, among its eight key features, airtight security forms the list.

Advantages of Genesis theme frame work

The Genesis theme framework comes with many features that make it beneficial to use. To start us off; it comes with different theme selection; you can easily customize your theme through a click of a button. In addition to that, it also comes with free sample themes; you can easily change the appearance of your websites through these themes.

  • SEO features: SEO features are more beneficial than the ordinary word press features. These features supports a number of activities such as editing of documents, home page settings, meta functions, document headings and lastly robots editing-a punch of activities in a single package!
  • Supports The schema. Org applications allows for micro data output. In addition to that, it also allows for search engine optimization. Lastly, it comes with light weight codes which allows for better performance and automatic updates.
  • HTML5:  HTML5 is the new code standard, it acts as a preparation of what is bound to happen in future. It prepares your websites to be compatible with the web. Other than that, it is mobile friendly-it is responsive. Being responsive is one of the key requirements needed in running a website or a blog site.
  • Child theme: They allow for instant updates, how is that beneficial? Well it saves you the cost of hiring a design developer and lastly, you can make as many changes as you wish. Easier site optimization is another advantage; it consists of many developers, designers and a huge community of other users. You can interact with your customers and listen to their views as well as complains.

Creating your website

Many business persons and firms have turned into creating their own websites. This is in an effort to reach more customers or unveil their new brands in the market. However, it is important to know that others create web sites to earn money online. Well, despite the reason behind it, you need to follow clear steps for your website to be successful. Consider the following factors; basics, functionality and lastly the content.

The basics

It all starts with purpose definition, identify your target and have a clean idea of what you want to provide. Is it advertisement, selling online products or instant online teaching? Looking for a professional designer is greatly important, the designer can facilitate in designing the logo of your website, image as well as other graphics. Lastly on the basics, you need to have a dedicated mail; this is to avoid cases where your email address becomes flooded.

Functionality and the content

It is easier on the functionality, it all calls for constant contact with the content management system. However on the content, things become more tasking, you need to keep your content fresh, this can be done through;

Using photos, arts and videos to supplement written content.Proper organization of your content.Offering contacts and responding to emerging questions-stay on message.
Lastly you need to provide links of where your clients can access additional information.

Key features of the Genesis theme framework

Genesis frame work has a great pyramid of features that supports it in all angles from the airtight security to engine optimization. The genesis frame works can openly boast of some of its key features. These key features include; air tight security, a responsive HTML5 design, instant updates and widget layouts options. And when you thought that the list reached the end, let me remind you of the well established developers’ base and lastly easily customized tasks-all with a click of a button.

The genesis framework has further strengthened its key features. In doing this, it has entered into pacts with SEO and the SEO features are much better than those of word press: combination of SEO and word press features thus gives a cutting edge performance.

Final thoughts

It is evident that the Genesis frame work and word press have greatly facilitated websites creation. However, we cannot give a blind eye to the fact the technological advancement change within seconds. With a blink of an eye, you can find a new world. Although minimal, the emerging issues such as website hacking need to be addressed to prevent the loss.

In conclusion, it is fair to give credit where it is due: The genesis theme framework is a major milestone in technological advancement. If you are having an idea of creating your own website give a try to the framework and word press features- they never disappoint.

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