Why You Need to Acquire a Geographic Domain Name in 2017

Geographic Domain Name
Looking to grow your online presence and make your website stand out among the competition? Then consider acquiring a new geographic domain name that helps specify your business’s target location.

Importance of Geographic Domain Names

Over the past few years, there has been an influx of domain name extensions (better known as top-level domains) which has made it very easy for webmasters to get even better domain names for their online businesses. As such, it is far easier to find a fitting domain name today that helps to reflect the actual objective of your online business immediately a visitor sees it on the web. Of course, this is crucial for your brand development and ultimately business profitability.

For example, you can now easily get yourself an industry-specific domain such as .football, .movie, .accountant, etc. which helps to make it easy to tell your visitors what to expect once they click your website URL.

In the same vein, geographic domain names enable your visitors to quickly know that you’re targeting a particular location such as a city, country, or a region. As you can expect, these domain names will be very crucial for both local and even global business.

How to Leverage Geographic Domain Names

As mentioned earlier, one of the most powerful ways of benefiting from the use of geographic domain names is to help brand your local business with a particular location. For example, you can use a domain with the name pizza.paris or seoservices.london.

On the other hand, global business can also take advantage of the power of geographic domain names to feature their local presence using specific domains.
For example, a company may choose to use carpets.oxford instead carpets.com/oxford.

In addition, individuals may also find geographic domain names more presentable and appealing to their audiences especially when trying to reach a very specific audience found in a particular area.

Who is Eligible for a Geographic Domain Name?

Depending on the side of the world you’re based in, there could be a TLD for that particular city or region for you. However, some of these TLDs come with a few restrictions.

For registrars such as GoDaddy, for example, you might need to first acquire a valid physical address in Berlin before you can be given a .Berlin domain name.

On the other hand, over 50,000 .london domain names have been registered to date since this popular TLD is readily available to all. Other domains with such requirements include .Vegas (ideal for gambling sites) and .Wales.

For some cities such as New York, Paris, and Tokyo, you must be a resident or have some connections to the city for you to get a geographic domain associated with it.

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