200k User Celebration – Get Any MyThemeShop Theme or Plugin for only $9

To celebrate 200K users, MyThemeShop are giving you a coupon that gives you any theme or plugin for just $9.
200KMTS – Use coupon code to get any theme or plugin for just $9.

There are a few big benefits of using fast loading products from MyThemeShop.

  • One: You keep your visitors happy. Afterall, no ones likes to be kept waiting while the website loads.
  • Two: You keep Google happy since they want their searchers to have the best experience and let’s face it – a slow loading website only ruins that.
    A fast loading website is in turn awarded with better search rankings by Google.
  • Three (and this is important): Because your website loads fast and because it looks gorgeous at the same time – more people want to stick around and check out what else you have to offer.
    Now, if you have been in the online world for more than a week – you know how big of a factor this is in determining the fate of a website.

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