GoCentral – GoDaddy Unveils A Mobile-Optimized Website Builder

GoCentral - GoDaddy Unveils A Mobile-Optimized Website Builder
GoDaddy just launched GoCentral, an innovative website builder that work seamlessly on mobile. This product, which is designed from ground up, will allow users to construct a website on their mobile phone in less than an hour. GoCentral is using a mishmash of various e-commerce and marketing tools that enable users to grow an audience for their businesses or ideas towards their success.

Currently, GoCentral is supporting over 1500 ideas and businesses by allowing users to build an almost complete website, with existing templates that come with relevant images and sections, all in under an hour. Besides, it’s easier than ever to update or customize an existing website with model content than to build one from the start.

GoDaddy’s inspiration to develop GoCentral was sparked by the outcomes of a Small Business Survey conducted in 2015. In this survey, it was discovered that well above 59 percent of the micro and small businesses operated without a website. According to the General Manager and Senior Vice President of GoDaddy, Lauren Antonoff, builders of traditional DIY websites misled people into believing that more attention and time should go to tweaking a page layout than generating results.
create GoCentra
GoDaddy wanted to solve this problem by coming up with a website builder that focused more on attracting visitors, building audience, and creating enhanced mobile friendly experience all this with less focus on design. They had gathered that websites of most small businesses were accessible from mobile devices.

One-month Free Trial

You will have chance to test all plans of GoDaddy GoCentral for Free in one month. After that, depend on your demand, you can choose which plan is the most suitable for your business, starting with $5.99/mo, even cheaper with up to 35% off coupon codes.
One-month Free Trial
GoDaddy has given a big shot when debuting GoCentral first ad in a Super Bowl commercial during the first quarter of the game. And as a good result, the company announced that they had a big number of new customers on the Super Bowl Sunday – February 5th with 62% of all GoCentral websites registered on this day were created in less than an hour.

User-Friendly Website Builder

The focus of Go Central is on creating simple designs that are in tune with user needs and which allow users flexibility to tailor them to their specific requirements. Some of these distinctive features include:

Access to a Professional image Service

This gives access to a collection of Gerry photography that allows users to add striking images that mirror their business identity.
Professional imagery

Excellent interface

The ground up design of GoCentral was inspired by the needs of a mobile user. According to GoDaddy, it is possible to build an entirely serviceable website in less than an hour using your phone, tablet, or computer.

Easy to customize website sections

GoCentral offers you more than 1,500 categories with a wide array of templates to go with different types of business. There is no limit to your choice of template design and layout. What’s more? You can customize the elements of web pages by putting together different blocks and content based on your needs.
Swipe-to-style interface

Professionally and perfectly crafted styles

If you have ever designed a website, then you possibly know how slippery things can get. Combining colors and attaching them to different widgets, sections and texts can be a real headache. Luckily, with GoCentral, you do not have to second-guess things. The professionally preset styles and synchronized color sets allow your website to look good regardless of all your customizations.
Professionally crafted foolproof styles

Deliver Results with integrated marketing

GoCentral comes packed with integrated marketing features such as SEO tools and built-in email marketing focused on directing traffic to user websites. You can actually open a Facebook page from GoDaddy dashboard. The website builder launches a Facebook page automatically and manages it, if you have an existing page.

Search Engine Optimization

It also allows automatic reviews and optimizations of your website on the search engines to drive high traffic to your site.

Email marketing

Using your website design, the builder will automatically create attention-grabbing campaigns for your email marketing, with analytics to track their conversions.

The website builder comes with a smart learning system designed to drive traffic through user engagement and activity updates every time you log in. It also gives recommendations on key ways of improving results; for instance, by building a Facebook advertising campaign with the right geographical target.

With this product, users with zero experience in marketing can launch email marketing campaigns by engaging existing contacts and amassing new ones.

For a product that is exclusively designed for total beginners, honestly speaking, it is a way too powerful set of tools for jump-starting every business.

Online Store

GoCentral has an Online Store with immensely helpful features aimed at users seeking to sell online. As such, it allows express check out for customers on an updated mobile checkout with reduced swipes and taps. Apple Pay support, major credit cards, and PayPal are all incorporated into the Online Store. It also comes with an integrated product, inventory management tool and customizable shipping.

Depending on your needs, you might find the online store too simple. However, if your needs require greater features and customizations, go for whiz online stores, such as Shopify. All the same, the marketing tools incorporated in GoCentral are good enough for beginners.

Using GoCentral

These videos and the links below them provide nearly all the information you need to get familiar with and use GoCentral Website Builder and Online Store.

Meet GoCentral Website Builder

Meet GoCentral Online Store

Here’s a roundup of all of GoCentral’s tasks. Use it to guide you through building your website from your very first steps to publishing. Plus how to add features to make it more powerful and professional.

GoDaddy Keeps Soaring

Web hosting is a growing business unit at GoDaddy. In fact, it contributed to about 37 percent of the company’s total revenue in the third quarter of 2016- a growth of over 15 percent compared to 2015. GoDaddy is very optimistic about further growth in 2017 based on its focus on traffic generation and mobile friendly experience. Presently, the company has a global customer base of over 14.5 million customers and hosting over 63 million domain names.

GoCentral is set to get significant traction from GoDaddy’s marketing campaign in 2017 as it gets center stage in the Super Bowl commercial through a special thirty-second TV spot.

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