GoDaddy Acquires FreedomVoice

GoDaddy Acquires FreedomVoice For More Enhanced Communication Services To Small Businesses
Web hosting Service provider, GoDaddy recently expanded its operations by acquiring FreedomVoice for a total sum of $47 million. The company, through a media announcement, said it had already paid 42 Million dollars and was expecting to clear the remaining amount in installments. The purchase is part of the company’s effort to boost its communication services to its target market. The company has been trying to expand its operations from web-hosting to a more rounded service provider for technology.

FreedomVoice has positioned itself as the backbone of small scale businesses and provides a host of communication services. Backed by a team of dedicated employees, the company offers double-based telephone and cloud number systems that target the needs of this market niche.

Currently, GoDaddy has a simmering fourteen million customers, and the number is set to rise with the recent developments. The company realized a gap in the industry and strives to offer clients with simple and affordable telephone solutions.
Steven Aldrich, the company’s Chief Product Officer, noted that the combined force of GoDaddy and FreedomVoice would provide a seamless fit given that the two entities share a common objective. The core goal of the companies is to exploit cloud power, offer exceptional customer service, and deliver customized products that address the needs of the target market.

With the acquisition, Eric Thomas, FreedomVoice Chief Executive Office assumes office as the new Telephone Revenue and Integration Office at GoDaddy. According to Thomas, the mission of FreedomVoice is to help small business startups to run and grow and he is optimistic that by combining forces with GoDaddy they will help these companies to grow and realize their full potential. He applauded the positive energy and chemistry between the two businesses and he is will work with the new team to provide cutting-edge voice communication services to the world.

Under this arrangement, the company will run under Telephony business department to oversee GoDaddy’s communications product policy. The department head will be Barry Saik, the current VP and General Manager of Telephony in Encinitas, CA.

FreedomVoice Services

Currently, it’s hard to tell whether FreedomVoice will repackage any of its services for the GoDaddy market. However, in the announcement the company will continue operating under its original brand, its online presence, and through other partners. Below are the three core services FreedomVoice offers.


CloudNumber could be a domestic virtual phone number or an 800 number. With this, a client can efficiently manage all their corporate calls anywhere in the world. All they need is to route the calls to their cells and keep the business number as the caller ID. They can use an Android app or iOS to check faxes and voicemail.

Plans for CloudNumber start at $9.95 per month, with 400 included minutes:



CloudPhone is an inclusive telephone network where you can hire a business-quality phone hosted on VoIP. You can use the cell alongside your CloudNumber. However, you must be connected to the internet.

Prices start from $29.95 per month per phone:



CloudPBX is among FreedomVoice’s business cell numbers and is cloud-based. It comes with high voice quality and unrestricted local calls for dependability ideal for established companies that require closed infrastructure.

The company has links associates with Polycom, and together they provide a range of communication services, goods, and products.

The costing details for this service are yet to be known. However, the company works within the budget and needs of the client.

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