GoDaddy Acquires WordPress Management Tool ManageWP

GoDaddy Acquires WordPress Management Tool ManageWP
According to a recent announcement made by GoDaddy, the company has acquired ManageWP. ManageWP is a WordPress management service that allows web designers and developers to control a number of WordPress installations from one dashboard. GoDaddy plans to integrate quite a number of features to its product line. We expect to see a product incorporating both WordPress hosting and GoDaddy Pro soon.

Although the details of the acquisition are yet to be released to the public, word has it that the purchase is centered on a post-earn-out valuation which is performance based. This is according to a report given by Post Status. GoDaddy was particularly endeared by the outstanding features that ManageWP offer including updates management, ability to clone websites, systematizing backups, ability to assess the security status of a website as well as monitoring uptime and downtime. Besides, the service can also be used to benchmark performance and compile reports for actionable plans by clients. The tool is also popularly used by digital marketers to help in tracking SEO rankings and integrating Google Analytics into websites.

This acquisition is set to benefit GoDaddy immensely especially in regard to seamless synchronization with the company’s GoDaddy Pro. Already, its system allows web developers and designers to run and coordinate their webhost products from one admin point. With GoDaddyPro, you can view and access different products offered by the client and even generate shared shopping carts which you can easily send to the clients when planning to make purchases. And just like ManageWP, Go Daddy Pro monitors uptime and tracks the performance of the client website. What is even more interesting is the fact that it can exclusively access elite Tier 2 support for its clients.

One thing about GoDaddy is that it makes significant and targeted investments in marketing their products. Indeed, the company is known for investing an incredible amount of resources into its product promotion. For example, look at how it conducted the launch process of its Beta Version of the GoDaddy Pro back in March 2015. The promotion prior to the event was hugely impressive.

According to Jeff King, GoDaddy’s SVP of hosting, a lot of investments will be directed to WordPress and ManageWP. The company intends to reap big from ManageWP’s market leadership as the best tool for managing websites right now. The idea is to elevate ManageWP to the level of GoDaddy while making it popular among designers and developers. Their motivation is driven by the acquisition’s ability to save developers and designers a lot of time and access millions of websites without any geographical limitations.

The reputation of ManageWP speaks for itself right from conception to its growth. It was a brainchild of Vladimir Prelovac, who was at one point a successful WordPress developer and consultant. While the idea behind the tool was hatched in 2010, its highlight moment came after its launch in January 2012. Just a month after its release, ManageWP was managing more than 100,000 websites. Today, ManageWP manages about 280,000 under the care of 28 full-time experts.

What is more exciting about MAngeWP and GoDaddy is their mutual vision of empowering the WordPress community while building great technology. Both platforms are on cloud-based. With them now working as one unit, users can expect easier and quicker product integrations. Indeed, web designers and developers are headed for better times following the merger of these two giant brands.

Pricing dynamics for ManageWP are quite intriguing. Currently, you can access basic functions for free. However, for you to access additional services that are classified as premium features, you need to part with a few extra dollars. This could be anything between $1 and $6 depending on the premium add-ons that you are looking for. A screenshot of the per website pricing is below:
pricing managewp

Power users who manage 25 websites and above can choose to pay a fixed monthly fee that allows them design, develop and manage up to 100 websites at a lower cost. The bundle package varies from $25 to $75 depending on the extra features you would like to access. A screenshot of the pricing of the bundles is below:
Pricing ManageWP bundle

What happens after this deal?

GoDaddy has a well laid out plan for ManageWP. First of all, ManageWP will retain its identity as an independent brand. This is to ensure that users continue managing from this platform in spite of their location. The integration with GoDaddy means faster and easier internationalization. As such, there will be no limitation imposed on the hosting location. This was confirmed by Vladimir Prelovac.

ManageWP is also keen on retaining its strategic plan as it rolled out Automated Security Check in September. The company also expects to see an Automated Performance Check in October and an Automated Client Report in November. The Public API comes at the close of the year.

GoDaddy users will also be looking forward to accessing several ManageWP features for free. We expect to see a lot of synchronization happening moving forward with regards to staging, migration, backups, and other functionalities. Jeff King has also clarified that the integration will touch on hosting, security, monitoring, and any other automated features that come with ManageWP and WordPress.

From this, we can conclude that Pro designers and developers are some of the groups that will benefit the most from this acquisition

Overall, this deal is set to change not only the dynamics of GoDaddy hosting but also enable ManageWP grow even faster due to a bigger pool of resources available for developments.

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