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GoDaddy cash parking serviceCash Parking service permits parked domain name owners to make residual earnings. If you are a web developer and you submit your domain name with the feature, GoDaddy runs advertisements from organizations and companies that are relevant to your site’s niche. There are very many domain parking agencies that usually make it extremely hard and also mind boggling when it comes to determining revenue share but you can be assured that you will not experience this with GoDaddy.

Earn online income even without a website

It is possible to make extra profits even when you don’t have an active site. As soon as you buy a domain name, it can be parked on a temporary basis rather than fully developing the site. Generally the parked domains describe the domain names that feature a temporary page when users are searching for your name on a search engine.
Each time a visitor on your site clicks on the ads, you get the opportunity to receive a share of the revenue that is click based depending on the plan that you have selected where you can earn anywhere between 60-80% of the total revenue. This means that with GoDaddy Cash Parking service your idle page can be transformed into a productive venture.
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How GoDaddy Cash Parking service works

  1. The first step is to select a CashParking plan that suits your budget.
    The second step is to use bulk add tool to add the domains to the
  2. CashParking. The CashParking account allows a person to have unlimited domains.
  3. The third step is to change the name of the existing servers on the names to GoDaddy parkweb servers used for CashParking. From here, Godaddy presents advertisements on the domain parked page allowing you to make revenue.

When you are finished with all the above steps, you can get money depending on the revenue that has been made. Domestic clients normally get their payment monthly while the international ones receive their money quarterly.

Cash Parking Revenue Plans

There are 2 plans a person can choose from i.e. basic plan and premium plan. Individuals who pick the premium option can earn 80% of the revenue from parked domains while getting a savings of 20% from 12/24 months.
The basic plan allows a person to make 60% of the revenue while offering a savings of 10% from 12/24 months.
If your site attracts only a few visitors, you may not be able to make money easily. You can however counter this by browsing for a trendy/popular domain name that has already been cancelled by still attract loads of traffic to get high profits.

Why Choose Godaddy CashParking?

  • Easy to get started:
    There are just five simple steps to getting set up with Godaddy CashParking.
  • Great payouts:
    Godaddy offer 80% of the advertising revenue. That means more cash in your pocket.
  • Easy:
    Once you’re signed up, you’ll easy to set your domains OK.
  • Clear REPORT:
    Daily reports for individual domain names are standard. You can see searches made, money earned, clicks received and more

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