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Domain Auctions
Domain Auctions

GoDaddy’s services run deeper than that as domain sellers and buyers are able to transact domains easily thanks to GoDaddy discount domain club auctions. At GoDaddy auctions, willing sellers are able to list the domain names they wish to sell for willing buyers to see.

Furthermore, to give their domain names a better exposure to the buyers, sellers are presented with a chance to make use of one of the many GoDaddy auction features designed to increase the name’s exposure to buyers.

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After a successful transaction, the seller is required to pay a percentage of the sale price to GoDaddy as payment for services. The buyer on the other hand is exempted from any fees save for a renewal fee for some of the domain names.

Buyers who are however looking to acquire domain names that are not up for auction are also given a chance to do so via the registrant-to-registrant transactions.
Here, an agent is assigned to the willing buyer. The agent is responsible for conducting the negotiations between the buyer and the seller.

After a successful transaction, the domain name is moved from the seller’s to the buyer’s account. How this transaction is conducted will however depend on whether the buyer is registered with GoDaddy or not. Buyers not registered with GoDaddy are expected to initiate the moving process, after which GoDaddy can move the domain name to the buyer’s registrar.

If both the buyer and the seller are however registered with GoDaddy, the seller is expected to initiate the process, after which the domain name is moved to the buyer’s account. Now that you know, save some money today and enjoy more and better services with GoDaddy discount domain club.

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