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Being slightly interested about GoDaddy Domain Backorder, we did some research with hopes of discovering the benefits of using this service. During our research, here are some of the things that we’ve come across with and we believe that those who are part of the volume domain auction buyer should definitely consider some of these. Likewise, even if you think that you already know everything about the Backorder process at GoDaddy, we still recommend reading this article. Who knows? You might discover something that you’re not even aware of.
Domain Backorders
Backorder Options
With GoDaddy Backorder, you have the privilege of using one for two different “status” domains.

Pending Delete
It’s a term used for a backorder placed for a domain name that’s already “expiring” and would be released from the registry.

Based from our own experience, we could say that GoDaddy is not an ideal option, especially for Pending Delete dropcatching type domains name and the chances of grabbing them with success is quite minimal. However, placing a backorder on GoDaddy is quite affordable (around $20). Thus, you couldn’t expect much from it, because it even seems like there’s only a little effort exerted for dropcatching.

That being said, GoDaddy is capable of catching some domains on the drop, but it doesn’t mean that if there are a number of backorders placed, especially from popular services like SnapNames, and Namejet, you’re going to experience positive results. Don’t keep your hopes up

In-House Expired Domain (Partner Domain)
Domain names that are already registered on this site could be auctioned on GoDaddy Auctions. Also, by simply searching for a specific domain name, you could discover what domain registrar it is registered with. If it’s registered within, or perhaps, WildWestDomains, and it reaches the expired status without being renewed, it’ll be automatically auctioned.

Generally, the price for GoDaddy Backorder is $20.98. However, for bulk orders, the price would drop and you could even save as low as 5% and much as 20%, depending on the amount of your purchase.

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Things included with the purchase:
* Free Daily Monitoring
* Registration Cost (If expired, domain renewal is possible
* One year membership to GoDaddy Auctions for free
* Free Site Builder
* The validity of backorder would last, until it was successfully used.

In-house Expired
Brace yourselves, because this is where things would get really interesting.

In the event that a backorder is placed on an in-house expiring domain name, your back order would serve as the first bid, and even if you don’t, a $10 bid would be initially placed for you. This kind of backorder could be utilized anytime and is often used before the domain hitting auction. However, some people don’t consider this feature as an ideal option, mainly because a lot of people search expired domains using the “bids placed.”

For $10, a single bid would be placed on the domain, and it could notify other members about the domain. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that just because a ten dollar bid was placed, others wouldn’t offer a higher bid.

A backorder is still possible even when the domain name has already been auctioned. You could simply place your backorder as your initial bid, and try to perform a last minute bid. This strategy is considered to be cheaper as compared to a normal bid.

Likewise, upon visiting the site, we’ve discovered that something is not fully explained, and that is the $10 credit for a successful backorder. Include that, together with a successful backorder, such as the “ICANN fee and domain registered fee.” Also, the “domain renewal” for expired auctions are also included and the cost of your backorder would be the cost you’re going to end up with the expired auction.

If we’re going to do the math, and you’ll be the sole bidder. The result would be similar to this:
* $12 winning bid + ($12 domain renewal + ICANN Fee) = $24

So, it’s safe to say that with the use of backorder, that costs $20.98, you’re going to save around $3 for every domain you’re going to win. It’s not much, but it could also be more than that.

The possibility of increasing the value
Some people and companies buy several expired GoDaddy auctions monthly, and the usual amount is more than a hundred. This allows them to enjoy the bulk pricing discount and around $16 for backorders. Thus, the cost savings would dramatically increase and instead of $24, you’ll only be paying around $16 for every domain you’re going to win– especially if you’re the sole bidder. Which only implies that you’re going to have around $7 plus for every domain.

Aside from that, winning an auction with the help of backorder could also lessen the final price that you’re going to pay. For instance, you’re going to pay $16.78 and the domain’s bid is $50. You could take advantage of the “backorder” on the domain and place a higher bid than its current price. If you win the domain auction for $100, keep in mind that you have a $10 credit and the domain renewal cost is part of your backorder. Technically, you’re still getting a discount. The $10 would be deducted from the final bid price, and it’ll lower down to $90.

Also, there’s no need to include the renewal cost. In the end, you’ll only pay $16.78 and receive a $10 credit– paying only $6.78 for renewal.

Warning: In case that you’re already a member of the GoDaddy Domain Discount Club member and haven’t bought backorders in bulk, there’s a tendency that you wouldn’t experience the savings that you’re supposed to get for being a member.

Final Thoughts
If we’re talking about the best value, GoDaddy Backorders are really ideal, especially for in-house GoDaddy expired auctions. You’ll be saving a lot of money from the $10 credit and the auctions you’re going to win. The more backorders you have, the more discounts you’re going to enjoy.

Also, there’s no risk involved. Even if you’re unsuccessful, you wouldn’t lose a backorder.

Backorders are ‘credits,’ and there’s no need to use real money for it. However, if you consider yourself as an active domain buyer, you might end up using all your credits. Lastly, spending $1,678 for 100 credits would seem like a really huge investment, but try to consider the savings you’re going to enjoy for every domain (around $700). Thus, it’s really a wise choice.

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