GoDaddy ecommerce web store design and features reviews

GoDaddy is well-known for being a host provider for customers who are wishing to kickstart their Internet business.
However, it also offers a list of different ecommerce designs that will work effectively for starting entrepreneurs. The good thing about this ecommerce design is that it will not only help people set up a good website, but also have a design with better reputation. People wishing to take advantage of this solution must know what this option can offer.
godaddy ecommerce

Before knowing about the company’s ecommerce design, clients must know first about the facts surrounding GoDaddy’s advertisement strategy. The hosting company has been a top ad player for Super Bowl because of its reputation. It also comes with top caliber customer support and now hosting more than millions of website. It is a reputable and established company that makes it a good one to choose for establishing their own online businesses.

Plans and Pricing

Plans and Pricing

The Advantage of Choosing GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers a lot of different solutions because of its features. The following are some of the good features customers must take advantage of.

1. A variety of Template Option
Branding and design are everything for ecommerce websites. GoDaddy offers more than 300 templates that clients can use if they find them suitable for their own brands.
Customers can filter the template according to style, category and features. Choosing the right template is like paving the way towards success.

2. Page Help Tab Feature
This feature helps clients set up their website’s element like categories and showcasing a new product. Located at the left side of the page, the Page Help feature allows customers do these tasks. Being a guide, they will not have any problem to conduct these tasks even if they are a beginner in the field. Users will find guides for their needed procedures on the tabs.

3. Quality Reporting Capabilities
Conducting an online business requires users to have good reporting capabilities to get an insight about the business. This will help online entrepreneurs in keeping the business going. Setting up the site’s GoDaddy Online Store, users will know sales reports, keywords used for searching, and other intel that will be beneficial for entrepreneurs. The good thing about these reports is that clients can get reports for a specific date range. They also have a choice to view their reports on mobile devices or on their computers.
Hence, getting the host company’s ecommerce system is like getting a store platform and intel program in one.

4. Includes more extras:

  • FREE SEO tools to get listed by search engines
  • FREE Hosting: 50 GB disk space & 1,000 GB of bandwidth
  • FREE 1,000 email accounts
  • FREE 24/7 Support
  • FREE Website Editor – easily make updates yourself
  • Fast turnaround
  • 30 minutes of updates per month
  • FREE Search Engine Visibility
  • FREE 1 year SSL Certificate
  • On-page SEO service

5. Savings price:
Like almost other products, GoDaddy Ecommerce Design can be discount price when you using GoDaddy Promo Code.

The Disadvantage

While GoDaddy has all the best features that make its ecommerce platform beneficial, it also has some downsides which clients must take note of to set their expectations.

1. Limitations on Product Images
Image is a crucial deciding factor for every customer. If they see that the image is enticing enough, they will be convinced that they need to buy the product.
However, several GoDaddy ecommerce packages allow clients to upload a specific number of photos.
For example, the basic plan limits users to upload a single photo, which means that it will be a downside for entrepreneurs. They only have one chance through one photo to impress their customers. This is a downside, especially for online entrepreneurs who need to set up a small catalog for promotions.

2. Additional Fee for Additional Functionality
GoDaddy’s ecommerce platform is already top caliber at its own right.
However, customers must pay additional money for additional features they want to get.
Examples of these additional functions and features are blogging, extra services, and email marketing. Most standard ecommerce packages usually have these tools included. Customers must also take note of additional advertisements that come with these extra services.

3. No Free Trial
Getting GoDaddy’s ecommerce platform is like a touch move for clients. The company does not offer free trial, which is important for clients who wish to get a feel of the program first before signing their contract.
Trial is a feature that comes with other platforms, which makes this a major downside for entrepreneurs who are getting the service.

Customers must know the importance of GoDaddy ecommerce platform and its benefits. They will find its features beneficial, but some downsides must be considered in order to set their expectation. Get to see how the platform works by reading customer reviews and by visiting the company’s site which is promoting this platform.

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