GoDaddy is the most preferred domain registrar

Godaddy The Most Preferred Domain RegistrarGoDaddy is The Most Preferred Domain Registrar in the world. What makes them so widely successful?
Maybe it’s their 300 attractive templates which are organized my industry, or maybe it is their combination of different packages that they offer to allow you to pick the one that fits your personal and business needs. The features that are offered in the website builder allow for a foundation to success within your business; add on some extras and additional features and you’re ready to manage a website that can bring you future success. What GoDaddy has going for them more than anything else is their reviews from customers that over and over again say how satisfied they are with the services that GoDaddy offers. It’s worth a look if you need convincing that GoDaddy is and will remain the Most Preferred Domain Register in the World.

Sign Up

Signing up for GoDaddy is simple and hassle free. Unlike some websites, GoDaddy only asks for your email address, password, user name, and call pin. You then choose a package in which you find suitable for your needs and lastly proceed to create a domain name to fit your content for your website. GoDaddy performs the DNS propagation quickly and in some cases you will get your site connected in few hours. Normally this could take between 24-48 hours. You can easily create multiple subdomains if you desire. You can have your website categorized into different topics and the benefit is that GoDaddy allows up to 100 sub-domains free of charge. Each domain can be registered for a minimum of 1 year and maximum of 10 years in a single transaction. Multi-year registration will ensure a bit of savings but most users go for 1 year billing cycle to keep up with their content. GoDaddy provides an automatic renewal control that takes permission from user and charge your credit card or other merchant source to renew your domain automatically rather than doing it manually. 


GoDaddy does an exceptional job up front by providing tools that can help anyone build a website whether they have years of experience or they are a beginner. There are tools, videos, media galleries, and easy access to social networks that make it a piece of cake to get your website to function as well as you envisioned. With added drop menus and drag and drop options, you can customize your website endlessly. You’ll have the optional feature to add private registration to your online identity which will help your web presence to fight domain related spam, block harassers and black mailers, and receive better personal and family privacy.


Who doesn’t love extras? Adding to the already top notch designs of their features, GoDaddy also offers SEO tools that will help drive traffic to your sight. They make it easy to add in SEO content and monitor your traffic. Some third parties even offer a shopping cart that you can add to your website to create further traffic and revenue. If the shopping cart isn’t enough there is also the option to add search engines and other networking sites as a link on your page.

Customer Service

With all of these features and extras GoDaddy backs its web builder with 24/7 exceptional customer service. But if you don’t need to call or email the 24 hour support team, GoDaddy has also provided a FAQ menu to search for answers that way as well. optional feature to add private registration to your online identity, this will help your web presence to fight domain related spam, block harassers / black mailers, receive better personal and family privacy etc.

The Peaceful Pricetag

Unlike many other web builder sites, GoDaddy has low affordable rates and even offers a domain name for $1 for the first year. Some examples of the low rates of GoDaddy: let’s compare HostGator and GoDaddy.


  •  Hatchling vs. Economy
    $3.96/mo vs. $3.99
    This is the smallest package the groups offer but it has it’s limitations.
  •  Baby vs. Deluxe
    $6.36 vs. $4.99
    This middle class package has its benefits, but is obviously cheaper on the GoDaddy side.
  •  Business vs. Ultimate
    $10.36 vs. $6.99
    The largest package either side offers is different in price but doesn’t lack or proceed it’s competition based solely on this package.

Staying at the Top

Between the prices, you can see that GoDaddy is financial friendly for those that are trying to get things up and running. Hidden inside the price tag, and the features, and domains there is a concept that GoDaddy has grasped fully. They do not give away too much without raising their prices. Each package is fairly priced not only because they are lower than the competition, but because they limit access and allow more access for a lower profit margin than other web builders. This method persuades customers to go bigger without hurting their pockets, but also feeling like they are getting more benefits than someone who bought a smaller package. GoDaddy will continue to be The Most Preferred Domain in The World as long as they continue to offer reasonably priced packages, award winning customer support and fraud protection to their web building users.

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