GoDaddy Launches The Domain Connect Initiative

GoDaddy Launches The Domain Connect Initiative
Earlier today, GoDaddy Inc which is an internet company registered on the New York Stock Exchange under the name GDDY, announced its new Domain Connect Initiative. The Domain Connect Initiative is a new program from the team at GoDaddy to enable customers to get the maximum value from their domain names. Under this new initiative, the APIs allow customers of Microsoft, Squarespace, CloudFlare and other similar web services to redirect their existing domain names to their customized web pages.

Domain Connect Initiative makes it easier for any customer to connect their domain names to any web service of their choice, regardless of the fact that they are a customer of GoDaddy or not. All the main web service providers including Microsoft, Shopify, WiseStamp, Squarespace, eNom and support this protocol. The team at GoDaddy developed Domain Connect as an open set of Application Program Interface (APIs) keeping in mind both web service providers and domain name providers. Once a customer enables this service, they can redirect their existing domain names with the push of a button to a web service of their choice. This initiative simplifies and streamlines the process of connecting domain names and websites registered on different platforms, onto a single platform.

GoDaddy has launched the Domain Connect Initiative under IETF, which is the abbreviation for Internet Engineering Task Force, informational standard enabling any domain service provider and web service provider to take advantage of Domain Connect, no matter their affiliation with GoDaddy Inc.

In a press release by the company, Senior Vice President Charles Beadnell was quoted saying, “We are always trying to make things easier for our customers. We had noticed that our customers were very happy when we developed a system to make DNS or Domain Name System changes easier, earlier this year. In an effort of keeping our customers happy and satisfied, we have launched the Domain Connect Initiative as an extension of that. We aim to simplify the entire domain name and web service industry, and this takes us one step closer to that goal.

In another press release, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Rajesh Jha was quoted as saying, “Microsoft is always aiming to make things as easy as possible for its customers. With Domain Connect Initiative, Office 365 customers will have more power in their hands as Domain Connect will do all the heavy work on the back end and therefore enable the users to make quick DNS changes at a click of a button.”

GoDaddy launched the Domain Connect Initiative on multiple platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and other similar social networking sites and saw that a huge number of people are interested in using the service. Seeing its massive popularity, the team at GoDaddy developed a set of APIs that will enable 3rd party service providers to make changes to their DNS settings, without visiting the GoDaddy website once. The first company to implement this service was Squarespace.

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